Make this Open Frame Boho Hoop Necklace


We will be offering a Flash Sale of Open Framed Hoops starting this coming Thursday, August 25th-28th, 2016. To get you warmed up to the possibilities, I will be posting a couple tutorials on fun things to create with these versatile findings this week.

The Open Framed Hoops are available in 4 sizes, from a 12.2 mm to a 49mm outer diameter. They are made from a durable 12 gauge brass wire with a seamless joint and are plated in copper, 24k gold and .999 fine silver. All are made and plated in the USA.

Learn How!

Materials Needed:
Variety of Open Frame Hoops
1 Micro Screw Copper
4” of 5mm Deerskin Lace Chocolate
26” Ball Chain Copper
Ball Chain Connector

Tools Needed:
Leather Hole Punch
Flush Cutters
Needle Nose Pliers

Pen or Pencil
Bond 527 Cement or E6000 Glue
File or Emery Board


Step 1:
Mix sizes and color combinations of the Open Frame Hoops and experiment with a design that looks visually pleasing to you.

Step 2:
To create the leather connector that attaches the Open Frame Hoops to the Ball Chain, you will want to create a hole punched template with a piece of Deerskin Lace. A hole punched template will allow you to punch holes into the Deerskin Lace consistently and in the center of the leather each time. To create the template, cut a 2” piece of the Deerskin Lace and thread it through the Open Frame Hoops. Create an overlapping circle with the 2” piece of leather. Make sure the edges of the Deerskin Lace are evenly lined up and overlapped in the front. Use a Leather Hole Punch to punch through all three layers of the Deerskin Lace. Make sure to allow enough room on the top of the connecting circle to thread your Ball Chain through at the end.

002_DSC_0967-1000x1000 003_DSC_0973-1000x1000 004_DSC_0979-1000x1000005_DSC_0986-1000x1000

Step 3:
Once you have the hole punched template from step 2, lay it out on your work surface. Cut another 2” piece of Deerskin Lace. Use the hole punched template as a guide to indicator where to mark with a pen or pencil the hole placements on the Deerskin Lace. Punch all three holes in the center of the Deerskin Lace in the locations that you have marked.

006_DSC_0993-1000x1000 007_DSC_0997-1000x1000 008_DSC_1009-1000x1000

Step 4:
Wrap your piece of punched Deerskin Lace around the combination of Open Frame Hoops that you put together in Step 1. Fold the Deerskin Lace over lining up the holes. Thread through the Micro Screw and screw on the bolt. Before the Micro Screw Bolt is fully tightened down, insert some glue such as E6000 or Bond 527 Cement with a toothpick right under the bolt. Then tighten the bolt all the way down with a pair of needle nose pliers. This will provide a little more strength to the connection.

009_DSC_0006-1000x1000 010_DSC_0012-1000x1000 011_DSC_0015-1000x1000 012_DSC_0018-1000x1000 013_DSC_0021-1000x1000 014_DSC_0027-1000x1000

Step 5:
Use a pair of Flush Cutters to cut away the excess shank on the screw. Make sure to hold onto the Micro Screw so that it doesn’t go flying off somewhere.

015_DSC_0032-1000x1000 016_DSC_0039-1000x1000

Step 6:
Use a file or an emery board to sand down the cut screw to create a smooth surface.


Step 7:
Cut the Ball Chain to the desired length and thread the chain through the leather connector created in steps 1-6. Attach your Ball Chain Connector and get prepared to make one for your best friend!

018_DSC_0049-1000x1000  _DSC4263-logo

Other Design Options!
This is the exact same technique, just a different combination of Open Frame Hoops all in the same 24k gold plate.

Here is a matching bracelet using the same technique to link together the Open Frame Hoops. I even used one of the Open Frame Itsy’s to create the toggle ring.


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