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On yesterday’s blog post, I scoured Carmi’s Resin Craft Blog for information regarding how to create a Silicon Mold using rubber. Today we are bringing to you Carmi’s post on how to make a mold using Silicon Putty from EasyMold. As always, we so appreciate all the tips and lessons that Carmi brings to her blog. Duplicating Napoleon with EasyMold

Choose The Piece

Carmi found a great Napoleon bottle opener (image on the left) during one of her junking adventures. In this tutorial, she shows how she duplicates it using a Silicon Putty to create a mold (image on the right).

Mix Up the Putty

After mixing the two part Silicon Putty, Carmi embedded her Napoleon bottle opener.

Fill With Resin

Carmi mixed a bit of opaque white Castin’ Craft Color Pigment into her 2 part resin and poured it into the mold.


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Carmi goes back into her mold to make a repair in this post.

Learn About Resin

[youtube][/youtube] Carmi did a great video with EasyCast products that cover so many various techniques. This video is a must see!

Some Tips:

Other tips that we have learned about Silicon Putty:
1. It is a good idea to let your Silicon Putty mold sit overnight when pouring in 2 part resin. The putty is still off gassing and can cause some bubbles in the resin to occur, if not fully cured prior to your pour.
2. If you have areas in your mold that are deep, it is a good idea to use a paint brush to paint the 2 part resin down into the various crevices. This will ensure that the resin fills all of the cavities prior to pouring the remaining mold with resin.

To review other posts on how to use Silicon Putty, check out the many great projects on Carmi’s site. We highly recommend that you subscribe!

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