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Top Drawer 2

Top Drawer is a category that we came up with here at Nunn Design to describe my lifetime goal:  to have every object in my home consist of a memory and have meaning.  This goal came from my personal vision of what my life will hopefully look like when I’m 80.  I want to be able to open each of my drawers and have a story behind the contents inside.  So, to continue, here is my bedroom.

If it is handmade, I have a hard time resisting!  I love to bring home a memory especially when I’m traveling. This little guy was found in Petaluma, CA during the Butter and Egg Festival last year.  After shooting some videos for Beaducation.com, my family headed up to Petaluma. The flower is an old curtain tack from my vase collection.  The hand blown glass vines and leaves are from an old Italian light fixture.  All together, they nestle into and are framed by an old ornate gold frame that my husband’s aunt had given us.

Do you create vignettes such as this throughout your studio/home?  Do you aspire to bring meaning to your life through memories of junkin’ trips past?

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