New Beads and Tassel Tops! – Nunn Design 2019 Winter Collection Preview

January 10, 2019 Nunn Design will release their 2019 Winter Collection. This blog post is in a series of posts that highlight the full collection. Each blog post will provide all of the fine details and hopefully inspiring you to create!

Welcome to the Nunn Design Findings line the new Beads and Tassel Tops! All of this is manufactured right here in the USA and are to the standard that you have come to expect from Nunn Design.

New Metal Beads!

When I first showed these new beads in the Nunn Design Wholesale Facebook Group, they instantly were nicknamed “nuggets.” Having grown up in Southeast Alaska, a land deep with gold rush history, it was a name that I instantly liked too. The official names are Metal Bead Organic Itsy and Metal Bead Organic Mini.

Metal Bead Organic Itsy & Metal Bead Organic Mini.

These beads are cast in lead-free pewter and plated with copper, 24k gold and .999 fine silver. Beads are sold in mixed assorted packs and vary in look, size and hole placement. If you are looking for matchy-matchy, I encourage you to think differently about your design.

Metal Bead Organic Itsy beads vary in size from 5-8mm with a 1.5mm hole. They are assorted packs of 10. All made in the USA.

Metal Bead Organic Itsys

Metal Bead Organic Minis vary from 9-11mm in size with a 1.5mm hole. They come in assorted packs of 10. All made in the USA.

Metal Bead Organic Minis

Be Inspired!

Tassel Tops!

There are two new Tassel Tops in the 2019 Winter Collection joining the Nunn Design Findings Line. If you missed the announcement of the Tassel Top Ornate we added into the collection last year, you will find these two new finding to be part of that series. 

Tassel Tops are cast in lead-free pewter and are available in 3 plates; copper, 24k gold and ,999 fine silver. They are oxidized to provide an aged look to the precious metal. Tops are sold in packs of 10 and are manufactured in the USA using the finest materials.

Be Inspired!

You might be interested in reading this tutorial on how to create drop pendants using excess resin and gilding flakes. 

Resin Drop Pendants: Tutorial

Make sure to mark your calendar for January 10th and keep your eyes peeled for the remaining 2019 Winter Collection features over the next week!

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