New Bird Silhouette Transfer Sheet Added

The marketing approach of “put a bird on it” is still working! Birds seem to be a trend that still resonates with consumers.

After teaching several classes and offering tutorials where I was trimming bird silhouettes from our current transfer sheets, we decided to go ahead and just offer the bird silhouettes on their own transfer sheet.

Here are 3 inspirational tutorials to help inspire you to create “bird on it” jewelry!

1. Colorized Resin & Transfer Sheets in Open Back Bezels

In this tutorial, we will be using an open back bezel, translucent colorized resin with a bird transfer sheet. A couple of different tweaks and such a different look as a result!
In this tutorial, you will learn:

  • How to mix and colorize Nunn Design 2-Part Resin with Castin’ Crafts Opaque Pigments
  • How to use Nunn Design Transfer Sheets
  • How to embed Transfer Sheets into Resin

Read the full tutorial: Make These with Colorized Resin & Transfer Sheets

2. Epoxy Clay, Transfer Sheets, and Gel du Soleil

In the blog post, we explore creating faux porcelain jewelry using Epoxy Clay-Crystal Clay, Nunn Design Transfer Sheets, and Gel du Soleil.

  • What is Epoxy Clay-Crystal Clay?

    Epoxy Clay-Crystal Clay is a two-part epoxy that cures in 90 to 120 minutes. By mixing together parts A and B of the Epoxy Clay-Crystal Clay, you are able to sculpt the clay, rubber stamp onto the clay and embed items into the clay. For this tutorial, the epoxy clay provides the faux porcelain base.
  • What is the Transfer Sheet?

    The Nunn Design Transfer Sheets provide the imagery that is applied to the surface of the Epoxy Clay-Crystal Clay. The Nunn Design Transfer Sheets are printed on a film and have a paper backing that separates once submerged into water. This allows you to slide the transfer sheet right onto the clay. The effect is stunning.
  • What is Gel du Soleil?

    The last step of this tutorial we will be applying the Gel du Soleil to create that high gloss finish. Gel du Soleil is a UV light resin. There is no mixing, no waste, and the gel cures in 20 minutes when exposed to UV light.

Read the full tutorial: Transfer Sheet Faux Porcelain Tutorial – Epoxy Clay, Transfer Sheets and Gel du Soleil

3. Crystal Clay, Jaquard PearlEx Powders and Colorized Resin

In this tutorial, you’ll explore doing all sorts of fun ways to do the same technique, each switch up resulting in a totally different look.

Read the full tutorial: Handcrafted Pendant Tutorial – Using Crystal Clay, PearlEx Powders and Colorized Resin

Shop Transfer Sheets!

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