New Colorants for Nunn Design Resin


We had such a great response to our Faux French Enamel Buy & Try, that we just couldn’t resist adding additional Opaque Pigments to our Nunn Design Product Mix.

Castin’ Crafts Opaque Pigments


Mixing Craftin’ Crafts Opaque Pigments to the Nunn Design Resin is fast and easy to do. To learn how, download our instruction on How To Add Opaque Pigments to Nunn Design Resin.

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Be Inspired

Mix the Opaque Pigments to the Nunn Design Resin to create bright and vibrant bezels and tags. Click on each of the images to shop the Nunn Design Findings used in each of the projects shown below.





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Nunn Design is committed to supporting our retailers. Magazine articles, blog posts, Pinterest pins, various online sites promoting Nunn Design products are some of the many ways we drive business to you, our retailers. We often receive inquiries from consumers about how to find our product in their neighborhood. If you would like your store front to be listed in our store locator, please email Cheryl, and she will be sure your location is added!

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