Nunn Design Art Day Inspiration

Nunn Design Art Day happens 4 times a year. The team at Nunn Design work one-on-one with me to get a clear focus and purpose for their day of creativity. Here are some of the jewelry pieces that the team created to inspire your creativity!

Team Nunn Member – Kathryn!

Both Kathryn and Cheryl focused on the quickly growing trend of macramé. I love how Kathryn describes her color palette of macramé colors as “70’s Tupperware!” Doesn’t that sum up these fun jewelry pieces?

Be Inspired!

Take a moment to watch and learn from Kathryn about how Nunn Design Artdays help her do her job better!

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Team Nunn Member – Cheryl!

To say I’m impressed with these pieces, from Cheryl, is an understatement. Cheryl watched a youtube video that I forwarded, borrowed a book from Kathryn and BOOM! Her first macramé piece was the one shown at the bottom of her samples. Cheryl wanted to “get the process down with thicker cord so I could see what I was doing.” Well, that sure seemed to do the trick!

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Take a moment to hear from Cheryl about her Nunn Design Artday experience.

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Wholesale Nunn Design Findings that Cheryl incorporated into her macramé include:

Team Nunn Member – Haylee!

It is always a pleasure to see one of our team members try a technique that they haven’t yet “embraced.” For Haylee, this artday was all about mastering the Sculpted Relief Technique that we teach and inspire with.

Be Inspired!

Team Nunn Member – Christee!

Christee is working on creating jewelry to sell as a fund raiser for her daughter. We are working collaboratively in documenting her process for a blog post we have planned. I think her pieces are coming together very nicely!

Christee used a small handheld drill to create a hole in her beach glass finds!

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Wholesale Nunn Design Findings that Christee incorporated into her jewelry creations:

Are you feeling inspired?  Want to join us for our next Nunn Design Quarterly Art Day?

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