Nunn Design’s Limited Edition Collection!

Nunn Design Limited Edition Catalogue

At Nunn Design, we are constantly exploring new findings to offer in our seasonal collections. In order for us to select an item to add to one of our bi-annual releases and to stock the finding on our warehouse floor, we need to know that we have strong support from our pool of wholesale buyers. We test our findings during our Flash Sales.

Sometimes we don’t see enough interest during a Flash Sale. This might be due to our timing. It might be due to pricing. There is a whole list of considerations, but one thing we know for sure, it only takes one buyer to make an item work. That is why we offer items within our Limited Edition Program.

Limited Editions Findings are ideal for the designer that wants to set their brand apart by offering findings that aren’t readily available for everyone. Here is how the Limited Editions Program works:

  • Minimum quantities are required
  • Production Lead-time can be 4-8 weeks depending on the product
  • Down payment required
  • Not able to meet the minimums of our Limited Edition Program? Email! If we have enough interest, we will offer a Limited Editions Buy-In!


Here are some of the items featured in our limited edition offering!

Limited Edition BraceletsLimited Edition BezelsLimited Edition CharmsLimited Edition EarringsLimited Edition Wire Frames


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