Organic Flat Tags – 2018 Winter Collection Sneak Peek!

Nunn Design Organic Flat Tags

The upcoming addition of our new Organic Tags to the 2018 Winter Collection are a hoot to design with. I really enjoyed designing with these new findings and feel they are the perfect addition to the Nunn Design Collection. The 2018 Winter Collection will be releasing on January 4, 2018. Let’s see if we can peak your interest with this product spotlight on the Organic Tags.

Organic Tag Large Circle & Grande Circle

The Organic Tags are cast in lead-free pewter and are plated to be engraved and metal stamped using copper, 24k gold and .999 fine silver. The models for these flat tags were formed by hand so they have a real handmade look and irregular surface. Both the Organic Tag Large Circle and Grande Circle are sold in bulk packs of 5 pieces per plate.

Be Inspired!

2018 Winter Collection – Goes live January 4th

Stay tuned for more sneak peeks of the 2018 Winter Collection. Mark your calendar for the release date of January 4, 2018.

After January 4th, 2018 – look for the 2018 Winter Collection in our New Products section!

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3 thoughts on “Organic Flat Tags – 2018 Winter Collection Sneak Peek!

  1. Janet S. says:

    I’m not good at waiting and this post definitely isn’t helping!!!
    ✔️Is that grey leather??
    ✔️Open bezels?
    ✔️New flat tags?

      • Queen Katherine says:

        “A couple more sleeps”??? BECKY!
        Love Nunn Designs? Check.
        Impatient? Check.
        You are killing those of us who are impatient Nunn lovers! If I write a poem will that help to see those amazing FLAT TAGS??
        Oh, I must tell you, hun…
        Just how much I love Nunn.
        No one can compete with Nunn –
        Becky Nunn, you are the only one…
        Your components always raise my heartbeat
        Creating with Nunn makes my designs sweet!
        However, I have a growing concern
        Making me sweat and my stomach churn
        That no one makes large enough bags
        To contain all of Becky’s special new flat tags
        That belong in the special place reserved in my secret stash –
        Only the most sacred finds that make my artistic teeth gnash.
        (Admittedly, that spot holds many Nunn things
        And it’s where I go when I need prime findings.)
        I must direct these tags back to the castle’s nest
        So I can design with only the best of the best.
        By now you know why I cannot wait
        To see the latest goodness Becky creates.

        “Only a couple more sleeps!!!” proclaims Mrs Nunn…
        But I CAN’T sleep until she releases the new fun!

        You’re killing me, Becky! 🙂

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