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How to Use Epoxy Clay, Gilding Flakes and Nunn Design Resin

Gilding Flakes applied to black Epoxy Clay is undeniably elegant. This is the 7th tutorial of our 12 Tutorials to Unwrap Your Creativity! Here is what you will learn in this tutorial: How to mix Epoxy Clay and insert into Nunn Design Bezels How to embed Gilding Flakes into the Epoxy Clay How to mix Nunn Design […]

25 Celestial Jewelry Projects You Can Make!

Stars and crescent moon jewelry motifs have been popular since the Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian Eras. It makes sense that “to the moon and back” symbolism can stand the test of time and come back into popularity again and again. Trending for Nunn Design are several celestial themed jewelry findings. Design with moon and star […]

2017 Summer Collection- Mini Pendant Crescent Moon, Star, Ornate Flat Tag Mini Square, Mini Oval, Flat Tag Mini Arrowhead, Half Oval

The beauty of the Nunn Design product line really comes through when the individual maker or artist breathes his or her own life into the pieces. Just within my own creative play, I loved being able to take the same finding and create a whole different look and feel. The image above shows examples of […]

Having a Challenge Sizing Images to Fit Nunn Design Bezels? New Template + Tutorial!

Finding just the right image for your jewelry is an important piece in building a unique jewelry brand. Nunn Design makes the process of creating that image even easier by offering downloadable free templates to size your images with. Here is a quick tutorial walking you through the process using Photoshop. Learn How! Needed:PhotoshopTemplate FilePrinterScissorsBezel […]

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