25 Celestial Jewelry Projects You Can Make!

Stars and crescent moon jewelry motifs have been popular since the Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian Eras. It makes sense that “to the moon and back” symbolism can stand the test of time and come back into popularity again and again.

Trending for Nunn Design are several celestial themed jewelry findings. Design with moon and star charms and flat tags, lapel pins, mini link bezels and astrology collage and transfer sheets to create your own celestial inspired pieces.

Let’s take a look at jewelry pieces designed with these jewelry findings.

Celestial Moon and Star Charms and Flat Tags

Trending for Nunn Design are several star and moon charms and tags that are a delight to design with. Most of these samples use the charms and flat tags as is, but they are also great for adding colorized resin, metal stamping and Pebeo Paints.

Be Inspired!

(ND Gallery: Stellar)

Metal Stamping can be used to create zodiac constellations on metal tags. Check out this link for tips on metal stamping: 17 Tips for Metal Stamping on Nunn Design Flat Tags


(ND Gallery: Astrologia)

(ND Gallery: Sinistra)

Gold Glitter Roxs are featured in these beautiful pieces. You can learn the technique of using Glitter Roxs and Resin in this tutorial: Make These Bitsy Earrings with Nunn Design Resin and Glitter Roxs.

(ND Gallery: Botein)

(ND Gallery: Nunki)

(ND Gallery: Aries)

This necklace features Crystal Clay inside a Contemporary Toggle Ring, embedded with balls cut from ballchain and a birthstone chaton to make a zodiac constellation for Aries.

(ND Gallery: Boketto)

(ND Gallery: Bilita-mpash)

Organics and resin techniques abound in the bezels of these pieces. Check out these tutorials to learn how to! Open Back Bezels with Colorized Resin and Organics Tutorial, and Dried Flowers on Flat Tags with Resin.

(ND Gallery: Apricity)

(ND Gallery: Orrerey)

(ND Gallery: Lunae)

(ND Gallery: Lunares)

Pebeo paints create beautiful designs on tags. When asked about technique, Nunn Team Member Cheryl said, “basically, I dripped some Pebeo Paints onto the Nunn Design Flat Tags and moved them around with a toothpick. Different types of paint provide totally different effect.” See more Here.

(ND Gallery: Obscura)

(ND Gallery: Alohomora)

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Celestial Lapel Pins

Lapel pins have been back in! Add a couple to your jean jacket collar and you will be set! These little cuties are great for embedding into Crystal Clay, applying transfer sheets over colorized resin, texturizing resin and other techniques!

Be Inspired!

(ND Gallery: Luna)

(ND Gallery: Blackburn)

These lapel pins have been made with the technique of texturizing crystal clay with a clay squisher and colorizing with mica powders and covering with clear resin . Here is a tutorial showing a similar process: How to Create a Texturized Crystal Clay Pendant with Ribbon Ends Tutorial.

(ND Gallery: Chaval)

Transfer Sheets are made to fit perfectly in certain bezels and can be cut down from other shapes to fit in others. Here is a post showing which bezels fit with which transfer sheets, and here is a tutorial going over the process: Colorized Resin in an Open Back Bezel with Transfer Sheets.

(ND Gallery: Adams)

Isn’t this look fun?! Here is a tutorial featuring embedding ballchain into crystal clay to give you an idea of how to do it: Itsy Bezel Tutorial.

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Celestial Mini Link Bezels

These bezels are adorable and a great charm accent as well as a stand-alone pendant. Use collage images with Nunn Design Resin, colorize Nunn Design Resin or embed Crystal Clay and Mica Flakes with Nunn Design Resin to create all of these various looks!

Be Inspired!

(ND Gallery: Lunar)

Collage Sheets need to be sealed with glue before adding resin, learn how here: Make Your Own Keepsake Pendants-Collage Sheets with Resin

(ND Gallery: Faamiti)

Colorized Resin can be learned in this post: Make These Bitsy Earrings with Colorized Resin

(ND Gallery: Therapeutaelig)

Crystal Clay with Mica Flakes and resin is stunning, learn the technique here: Bitsy Earrings with Crystal Clay, Gold Flakes and Nunn Design Resin

(ND Gallery: Collorportus)

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Astrology Collage and Transfer Sheets

These Nunn Design Astrology Collage and Transfer Sheets are a great addition to a celestial motif. Learn how to use Nunn Design Collage Sheets and Transfer Sheet with Nunn Design Resin.

Be Inspired!

(ND Gallery: Torbert)

It is so fun to create a colorized resin base to add transfer sheets too! Here is the tutorial for this technique: Colorized Resin in an Open Back Bezel with Transfer Sheets.

(ND Gallery: Plummer)

(ND Gallery: Lawson)

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I hope you are inspired by this trend in celestial jewelry! To the moon and back!!!

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