Tutorials on How to Dry & Press Flowers to Embed into Resin

The tutorials that I will be covering during the month of July, for Nunn Design Summer School, involve embedding pressed flowers into resin. We are confident that once you explore adding pressed flowers to resin, you will want to learn more about preserving your own pressed flowers!

There is a great deal of information on the Internet about how to dry and press flowers. Here are some of the tutorials that I thought were helpful, informative and if nothing else, had great photographs.

1. Preserved Gardens

By far, this tutorial, How to Press Flowers, Leaves, and Herbs, from Preserved Gardens was one of my favorite blog posts that I came across:

Really, everything you need to know is covered here and done very thoroughly!!

2. ProFlowers

In this tutorial, on How To Press Flowers, I appreciate the detail of how to “pick” flowers and store them until they can be pressed. I find tutorials with illustrations or visuals to be very easy to learn from!

3. fine Gardening

This fine Gardening tutorial on pressing flowers, has a guide to “which flowers press best” as well as a tutorial on how to build your own flower press.

4. The House That Lars Built

In this tutorial from The House That Lars Built Blog, the author covers 3 methods for pressing flowers; pressing in a book, ironing and microwaving. I have to admit I’m a total sucker for beautiful photographs! This blog has that!!!

5. Design Sponge

Couldn’t resist including a post from the Design Sponge Blog. Not any new information that we haven’t already covered, but the photos are so stinking beautiful in DIY Pressed Flower Wall Art!

Have Any Tips?

Nunn Design Summer School will be coming soon enough! Are you registered? What other tips about pressing flowers would you like to share with the class?

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