How to Use Nunn Design Resin with Transfer Sheets!

Some of the techniques that we cover using Nunn Design Transfer Sheets involve the use of Nunn Design 2-Part Resin, Gel du Soleil UV Resin, Crystal Clay Epoxy Clay and Polymer Clay. Transfer sheets are printed on a film and do not require any sealing, like you would have to do with a collage sheet.

How To Use Nunn Design Transfer Sheets

This video will show you the basics for getting started creating designs with transfer sheets. Once you know how, there is a plethora of videos and tutorials to inspire you to create finished pieces of wearable art.

The selected bezels in this video tutorial are an Open Pendant Half Oval Single Loop and an Open Frame Large Rectangle Single Loop. The Transfer Sheet is our popular Transfer Sheet Black & White Trees.

Video Notes:

  • Nunn Design Transfer Sheets are pre-sized to fit the Nunn Design bezels and come in a variety of different designs. To see which bezels fit with the variety of sized transfer sheet images, visit our blog post for a quick reference guide:  Which Collage & Transfer Sheet Images fit Which Bezels? A Quick Reference Guide.
  • Nunn Design Transfer Sheets are not limited only to the bezels that they are pre-sized to fit.  Create your own interesting crop by laying your bezel down onto the transfer sheet and tracing and trimming the image.
  • The Nunn Design Transfer Sheets are printed on a translucent film with a paper backing. To releases the film from the paper backing, drop the trimmed image into a small dish of water for about a minute. The transfer sheet will curl like a little potato chip and then slowly flatten out as the film is releasing from the paper back. Remove the transfer sheet from the dish of water and place it onto a paper towel. Pat dry, removing the moisture from the film. Now the transfer sheet is ready to be applied.

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