What are Some of Your Favorite Things to See Put into Resin?


Putting treasures into resin is cool. This a solid trend in jewelry making. What are  your favorite things to put into resin? Need inspiration? Here are some jewelry pieces from the Nunn Design Gallery, intended to do just that – inspire!

Flowers & Organics


Credit: Becky Nunn
Link: https://www.nunndesign.com/gallery/pherkad/


Credit: Becky Nunn

Rocks & Stone


Credit: Karen McGovern
Link: https://www.nunndesign.com/gallery/baal/


Credit: Stephanie Gard Buss
Link: https://www.nunndesign.com/gallery/acacia/

Credit: Becky Nunn
Link: https://www.nunndesign.com/gallery/kanikanihia/

Fabric & Fibers


Credit: Debra Oldham
Link: https://www.nunndesign.com/gallery/pacamara/

Watch Parts & Vintage Treasure


Credit: Kristine Kennedy
Link: https://www.nunndesign.com/gallery/heihe/



Credit: Christee Ballard
Link: https://www.nunndesign.com/gallery/nonius/


Credit: Stephanie Gard Buss
Link: https://www.nunndesign.com/gallery/havea/


Credit: Erin Prais-Hinz
Link: https://www.nunndesign.com/gallery/mono/

Glitter Roxs and Mica Flakes


Credit: Becky Nunn
Link: https://www.nunndesign.com/gallery/homam/


Credit: Kristine Kennedy
Link: https://www.nunndesign.com/gallery/thuban/

Charms & Metal Stampings


Credit: Donna Musarra
Link: https://www.nunndesign.com/gallery/una-perlaper-me/


Credit: Becky Nunn
Link: https://www.nunndesign.com/gallery/ruiri/


Credit: Becky Nunn
Link: https://www.nunndesign.com/gallery/pollux/

Shells & The Sea


Credit: Christee Ballard
Link: https://www.nunndesign.com/gallery/rastaban/


Credit: Stephanie Gard Buss
Link: https://www.nunndesign.com/gallery/parnu/


Credit: Becky Nunn


Credit: Dawn Sagar
Link: https://www.nunndesign.com/gallery/faverolles/


Credit: Pearl from The Beading Gem
Link: https://www.nunndesign.com/sea-glass-and-2-part-resin-tutorial-by-the-beading-gem/

What do you think?

So, what are some of your favorites to see embedded into resin? Please leave us a comment.

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2 thoughts on “What are Some of Your Favorite Things to See Put into Resin?

  1. Queen Katherine says:

    Hey Becky –

    I love this post. The inspiring ideas are…inspiring! (Not one of the most thought-provoking sentences I have ever written!) Question: Are those tiny crabs you have in the third picture from the bottom? That is one of the most interesting inclusions I have seen. (And I feel like I’ve seen everything!) If so, did you find them one day while on the coast? (I imagine the life of Becky Nunn to be ultra inspiring and full of amazing discoveries.) If you bought them and remember where would you mind sharing where to get them, please?

    I remain in awe of (my perception of) your cool life.

    • beckynunn says:

      I love this post too. So many interesting pieces of jewelry created by so many talented artists.

      I did find those on the Olympic Peninsula. My family was camping and hiking on the coast line and I came across dozens of these tiny crabs baked dry by the sun. I really regret that I only picked up a handful. I wish I have picked-up the whole coast line worth! I have been back on several occasions (totally prepared to harvest the full beach!) and have never found another patch like that one day. Such as life. Glad that a lot of little crabs weren’t dead, but sad that I couldn’t encase them in resin!

      I do live an wonderful life and I am well aware of it. I am in constant gratitude for all that I have.

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