Artisan Feature – Dawn Sagar

Credit: Dawn Sagar
Title: The Waterfront

Our quarterly Art Day is approaching here at Nunn Design. During that time we miss the people who we have worked and created with in prior Art Days. Dawn Sagar is one of those people.

Dawn managed our warehouse for a couple years prior to moving to Hawaii (lucky!!!). You might have seen some of Dawn’s work in our gallery and on our blog. Dawn wrote one of my all time favorite blog posts titled; Then There Was the Fruitcake. It is a beautiful story about her personal journey of grief through art.

Dawn has a Master of Fine Arts, a strength that came out in these beautiful pieces of jewelry that she painted and created.

In Dawn’s Artist’s Statement, she writes:

Recently I have been working with the ideas of ritual in artwork, addressing the spiritual in relationship to the power of place. In many of these works I use local elements to honor a particular place.

My drawings are frequently a combination of elements, both working from an instinctual / ritualistic side and also responding to perceptual information. I use a wide range of drawing media as the process of mark-making is very important to me. In all of my work process is very important, and decisions made during the creative process are evident.”

Dawn is missed, but I enjoy looking at the pieces of art she has contributed to Team Nunn through her jewelry creations.

To see more of Dawn’s work at:

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