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Brags on You just keeps getting better and better. It is such a pleasure to see what people are creating with Nunn Design Findings! Here is the latest round up!

Gypsy Lambs work always makes me drool. Her sense of color and how she combines varies gemstones is stunning!
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I don't know why I'm continually amazed at the stories I hear about poor customer service.▫️ This Etsy customer reached out to me for a custom order. Only after several convos and sample photos did I get the awful background story. I didn't do anything more for this person than I would for anyone else, but they didn't know that. ▫️ In the end we were both happy; they like my product better and got what they envisioned and I helped a new customer create a special gift. That's what I call a win- win!👍🏻 . . . . #statejewelry #statenecklace #jewelry #handmadejewelry #statelove #statepride #necklace #shopsmall #personalizedjewelry #etsy #personalized #etsyseller #handstamped #handstampedjewelry #giftidea #giftforher #alabama #louisiana #friends #love #friendship #memories #friend #bestfriends #customerservice #entrepreneur #business #customerexperience #sistaswithbadhabits #etsysale

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Here are some fun samples created by Janet of Sistas with Bad Habits. Rumor is, Janet has been having great success with selling jewelry that she is wearing!

A few new pieces that have made their way into my Etsy shop.

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Here is some older work by Heather Powers of Humble Beads!Aren’t they stunning!
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Looks like I'm never going to get around to making that jewelry tutorial.

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Oval sterling or round brass? * #NGNCxDMCgiveaway

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It’s my birthday and I have a present for you! 🎁 These are three brand new designs not yet available in my shop. If you’d like one I’m going to sell them here first for $50. Just indicate left, middle or right in the comments and DM me your email address. I will email you an invoice via the square app. As soon as you pay, it’s yours. If you do not pay by the end of the day I will send an invoice to the next person in the comments who DMs me their email address so please watch your email. Shipping is free in the continental US. If you’re outside the country, you can still purchase but I’ll add $7 to cover shipping. Bezels are solid brass by @nunndesign and chains are approx 21” also from Nunn. The quality is tops, people. Oh!! The middle one in this picture has #metoo stitched in black. It’s very subtle (the original was a custom order) so if you like that as badge of courage I can include it on yours or I can omit. 🎃Happy Halloween 🎃 Thank you for sticking by me this year during my outrage, this wiiiiide range of posts, many rants and my general unpredictability. One of these days I’ll find my “ideal customer” and you’ll see some consistency. Or more likely, I’ll just up and leave 😂 #EIGwearables

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I have so enjoyed watching the creations of Shelly Sells Lemonade come to life. It is fun to see each embroidery artist have a look all their own.
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Learn How:

Here are some Brags posts with tutorials! Be inspired and learn how to make these beautiful pieces with Nunn Design findings! Wire Wrapped Skull Earrings

Beadaholique is a great source for fun projects like these skull earrings! Watch the video and get inspired. Copper Necklace with Custom Wire-Wrapped Pendant brings yet another cool piece to the table. This fun wire wrapped pendant looks like great fun to make – so easy to customize and make it your own. Easy Swarovski Crystal Resin Clay Ring Tutorial

Pearl with brings us an easy project for the beginner to the more advanced artist. Can you see these on your fingers? The Redwoods Earrings

These beautiful beaded earrings from Beadaholique are great autumn accessories! Siren Song Earrings

More great earring choices from Beadaholique! Fir Tree Drop Earrings Inspiration Project

Fusionbeads brings us these unique Fir Tree Drop Earrings – watch how its done and be inspired. Hexagon Earrings

More great earrings from Fusionbeads – Can you say Fun?! Modern Mandala Earrings

A burst of color makes these Mandala Earrings a great option! Thanks Fusionbeads!

Let Us Brag On You!

That is a wrap for this batch. Thanks again everyone. Such amazing talent out there using the Nunn Design Findings! If you are using Nunn Design Findings and want to be included in a Brags on You! blog post, please email me at or use hashtag #nunndesign on instagram!

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