Advice for Bloggers via Design* Sponge

I have been following Grace Bonney’s blog, Design*Sponge, for a number of years now. I am hopelessly addicted to looking at beautiful homes that are artistic and designed by creative people.

Grace started Design*Sponge at the early age of 23. Over the past 13 years Grace has learned a great deal about what works and what doesn’t. In her blog post titled; “What I Wish I’d Know Before Starting Design*Sponge,” she very generously talks openly and candidly about her experiences and learning.

I especially like this tip of advice. Grace writes: “Some people will think success is all about numbers and money and awards, but for me, it’s about what we will leave behind at the end of the day.

To read all of Grace’s great learning, visit her blog at: 

Grace followed up her advice essay with another great essay called “State of the Blog Union 2017: How the Online World Has Changed.” Although I am not a blogger, I am very grateful that I have a product line to blog about! The world of monetizing blogging sounds incredibly challenging! I have a great deal of respect for writers and artists, such as Grace, that have continued to forge on!

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