Epoxy Clay and Gilding Flakes! 4 New Tutorials + Videos!

We are well on our way to diving into the 2020 Spring Semester of free online classes. The first 4 tutorials posted this week on the Nunn Design Blog.

Here is a recap of what we have covered. Link to each of the blog posts to read the full step-by-step tutorials and watch the video.

1. How to Use Epoxy Clay in a Nunn Design Bezel

Over the years I have developed techniques for placing mixed Epoxy Clay within Nunn Design Bezels. These techniques have become habits, like brushing my teeth daily and reaching for the turn signal when I’m driving my car (which btw is a 1986 Saab Turbo!).

In this tutorial, we cover some of the habits that make my experience of working with Epoxy Clay faster and more efficient. Even for you experienced Epoxy Clay users, I hope that you find a trick or two that you can find useful.

Read and watch the full step-by-step tutorial in this blog post!

2. How to Use Epoxy Clay in an Open Back Bezel

Open Back Bezels are ideal for Epoxy Clay and Nunn Design Resin. They are lighter in weight than solid back bezels, making them usable for earrings as well as pendant and charms.

With just a couple “know how’s”, you will be well on your way to using clay and resin within Open Back Bezels. These tips will help save you time and help make your creative experience be smooth and easy.

Read and watch the full step-by-step tutorial in this blog post!

3. How to Create a Faceted Epoxy Clay Charm

I’m pretty pleased that we found a way to create a faceted insert to drop into Nunn Design Bezels. It is a challenge to find a mold that will be a perfect fit for the selection of bezels we offered, but this solution allows you to make your own mold!

Once you have the mold, you can create a faceted insert in any color of Epoxy Clay that you want to use. You can also use the mold to create resin inserts!

Read and watch the full step-by-step tutorial in this blog post!

4. How to Use Epoxy Clay and Gilding Flakes within Nunn Design Bezels and Open Frames.

In this class, we will add some gilding flakes to the Epoxy Clay to create interesting pendants and drops.

Read and watch the full step-by-step tutorial in this blog post!

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