3 Steps to Designing a Charm Necklace. Select a Common Theme, Create Balance Through Layering and by Adding Color

One of the challenges when seeing another designer’s finished jewelry – is that you really have no concept of how long it took them to create it. In fact, a piece of jewelry that is well designed can often look rather simple and easy. It isn’t until you start to design a charm necklace yourself that you get a glimpse at how challenging it can be!

A charm necklace that is well designed consists of three design elements; a common theme, balance through layering, and balance of color. I often have to move the charms in the cluster multiple times before I find just the right combination of these three components.

Select a Common Theme

When I’m getting started, I lay out a variety of different charms onto my work surface. I look for charms that “play nicely together.” Often the charms will have the same theme or the same look and feel.

Here are some examples of common themes and a consistent feel within a charm necklace.

Create Balance through Layering the Charms

Once you’ve selected the main hoop you will be dangling the charms from, start to move the charms around on your work surface. What you are looking for is a balance of weight and visual interest. I like to design so that the eye doesn’t have too much to compete with and naturally flows left to right in a triangle shape.

I often will use chain within the “cluster” to provide length or to allow charms to lie on top of one another. The chain shouldn’t be too heavy or the eye will see the chain causing it to compete for attention.

Here are some examples of creating balance through layering the charms.

Creating Visual Interest with Color

Little accents of color can also provide a nice focal point for the eye when creating a charm necklace. The little spot of color can help with the theme and the balance.

Here are some examples of color being added to charm necklaces.

Share Your Creations!

Making charm necklaces is a lot of fun! If you would like to share some of your charm necklaces, use the hashtag #nunndesign on Instagram or email me your creation at becky@nunndesign.com.

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