32 Creative Ways to Use Leather Cording and Deerskin Lace in Jewelry Making

Designing jewelry with leather cording and deerskin lace creates a look that is very much on trend. It is also an affordable way to create unique jewelry!

If you are interested in creating beaded wrapped bracelets, knotting, tassels or doing other techniques, here are 32 creative ways to use leather cording and deerskin lace in your jewelry designs.

Bead Wrapped Bracelet!

Credit: Marla Salezze

I LOVE this leather cord wrapped bracelet that Marla created!

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Chinese Knotting Techniques

Honestly, I’m not sure what this is actually called, but basically you wrap the wax linen cord around the leather and then pull it back through so that the knot is underneath. Anyone know what that is officially called? Do you guys want a tutorial on how to do it? Leave a comment below.

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Deerskin Lace at Connector Accents

Credit: Melissa Williamson

I thought these pieces by Team Nunn Member Melissa were very cleaver, and nicely designed!

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Basic Knot Making

Nothing fancy here, just random knots. I love the more organic and unplanned random knot look of these pieces.

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Credit: Heather Thompson

Credit: Haylee Troncone

I really love leather tassels. The one that Team Nunn Member Haylee did with the crystal is especially awesome!

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Using Ribbon Ends for Leather

As you can see, I’m rather a big fan of this simple “crimp” closure that the Ribbon Ends for Leather provide. They are contemporary, yet elegant. Simple, yet functional. Just all around good! Here is a little video showing how to use these little cuties: How to Use Ribbon End Leather Connectors with Deerskin Lace – Video Tutorial.

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