6 Ways to Create a Jewelry Display That Tells a Story

Setting up a wholesale tradeshow booth is different than setting up for a farmers market or a craft show. But in a lot of ways, the set-up process is the same. I might not be selling finished jewelry during my tradeshows, but I am selling a variety of looks that appeal to a variety of different customers. Creating a jewelry display that communicates a look, a feel, and tells a story, is key to getting a buyer to stop and take a more focused look. Once you have their interest, you can start a conversation and build a relationship.

Here are some photos from our most recent tradeshow in Tucson. With each cluster of jewelry that I display, I’m attempting to tell a story.

Tell a Story with Color

Hands down, this grouping of finished jewelry attracts the most attention in our booth. The teal color is what catches people’s eye and draws them in. Once the customer is drawn closer, they can see a variety of looks within that color palette.

Tell a Story with a Variety of Styles

Some of the samples are in various plates, allowing the customer to choose silver or gold. Some of the samples are classic and elegant, while others are boho and casual. Displaying a smattering of different plates and styles lets the customer see the possibilities.

People who like bling, are like moths to a light.

I always pull my turquoise pieces out when I’m in Tucson.

Tell a Story by Repurposing

These cuff bracelets get A LOT of attention. Besides the fact they just look cool, people love that it was my husband’s old belt that I repurposed into a cuff bracelet. Maybe your customer has an old belt they would love for you to use.

Tell a Story with a Consistent Theme

People tend to be attracted to things that they know that they like. In these examples, I have a consistent nature theme and Madonna & Child theme.

Tell a Story with a Technique

This will be more for the brick and mortar bead store, but telling a story that many different skill levels can relate to, is important. Maybe a jewelry maker will be attracted to a complicated technique, but might feel it is out of their skill set. By showing simple ways in which a bead was knotted or a charm attached, makes everyone feel that they can indeed “do it!”

Tell a Story with Different Mediums

Maybe a customer isn’t into turquoise, but they have a friend who loves to do embroidery or quilts. By showing different mediums such as embroidery or fabric, it gives people ideas of what they could give as a gift to a close friend who has those interests.

What ways do you like to tell a story with your jewelry displays?

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