8 Business Articles for Jewelry Business Success

The team here at Nunn Design hopes all of you are enjoying a bit of rest after a busy holiday season.

Our mission is to inspire and nurture creativity. Running a profitable small business can be just as enjoyable and rewarding as making beautiful jewelry.

As we finish 2022 and prepare for the new year, we’d love to recap several business articles that we think are informative. It takes the willingness to learn new skills, but we believe that each and everyone of you can do it.

Let’s get started!

22 Reasons for Declining & Thriving Jewelry Sales in 2022

I reached out to several Nunn Design customers for their input. My hope is that by hearing from other makers and from my own years of wisdom to offer, you will be able to have a greater perspective about your business.

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8 Tips to Streamlining Your Jewelry Business to Boost Your Profit

During these past few years, I have leaned into my friendships to navigate the constant changes to the business landscape. I hope that I can be of service to you by covering 8 tips that I have found to be helpful for Nunn Design to streamline our company and boost our profit.

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Make Jewelry! A Great Business to Create from Home!

If you have been curious on how to start a handmade jewelry business, how to sell handmade jewelry to stores wholesale, and how to start a jewelry business online, the most critical steps will be mastering a technique and sourcing high quality jewelry findings. Try one or several of these 14 techniques to create handmade jewelry and boost your jewelry sales.

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8 Ways to Navigate the Highs & Lows of a Jewelry Business.

According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, we have experienced 12 recessions since the 1940’s. That is a cycle of a recession every 6 or so years.

Here are 8 ways to help navigate the highs and lows of a jewelry business.

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21 Inspiring Ways to Capture Your Jewelry Brand with Photography!

The style of photography that you choose should be consistent throughout all of your branding.

I have broken the inspiration down into various categories. Having a mixture of ways to show your jewelry will keep things visually interesting.

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8 Business Strategies for Designing Jewelry That Sells!

For many of us, making jewelry has allowed us to live creatively with meaning and purpose.

Making the jewelry that we create into a business that is financially successful is an important part of living the lives that we want. Following a business strategy for designing jewelry that sells can also be fun. I know that I LOVE it! Here are 8 business strategies to explore!

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Tips For Setting Up a Jewelry Shipping Station

Tips + Sources for Setting-Up a Jewelry Shipping Station!

I have been extremely grateful for the opportunity to really dive in and restructure all aspects of our small business, including the warehouse. This blog post and video will walk you through how I set-up the warehouse to best streamline the shipping process to make it efficient. I also provide all the links below of where to purchase these items so you can easily shop the supplies.

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5 Ways to Navigate Shipping Delays with Proactive Customer Service

Shipping delays and extended delivery times are never acceptable. Unfortunately they are becoming the norm.

Let us start a conversation on how we can all navigate these challenges and ultimately run successful businesses through proactive customer service.

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Thank you for letting us be part of your creative business.

*Disclaimer! Nunn Design is not paid in anyway to provide this information nor do we make money off of you purchasing from the suppliers we provide links to. Our intentions are to make the lives of our creative community easier. This sort of research on what to buy takes a lot of time and if we can share any of the knowledge that we have and help in anyway, we are so very glad to do so.

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