5 Tips + Sources for Setting-Up a Jewelry Shipping Station!

Nunn Design has been shipping artisan jewelry findings for over 20 years. Once the global pandemic hit, I found myself in the warehouse completely lost! My staff was permanently laid off and I was faced with a sink or swim choice. I chose to swim, but at times it was more like treading water!!

I have been extremely grateful for the opportunity to really dive in and restructure all aspects of our small business, including the warehouse. This blog post and video will walk you through how I set-up the warehouse to best streamline the shipping process to make it efficient. I also provide all the links below of where to purchase these items so you can easily shop the supplies.*

Tips for Setting Up a Jewelry Shipping Station

Tips For Setting Up a Jewelry Shipping Station

1. Automate!

Even if you are a very small business, I highly recommend that you try to automate every process that you can afford. For Nunn Design, we have invested in WooCommerce for our website platform. This is synced with our Quickbooks accounting software and ShipStation, our shipping software.

But maybe your needs at this time don’t warrant complex processes, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t explore ways to automate. Maybe you could schedule a pick-up for USPS so that you don’t have to go to the Post Office everyday to drop off your packages? Or maybe you could automate your emails once the orders have shipped?

2. Organize Your Shipping Station

I hate it when my husband is constantly asking me “have you seen my keys, wallet, water bottle…”. I like to have a place for all things and have developed the habit of putting things away. Set-up your shipping station to organize your supplies so they are easy to find.

Here are all the supplies that we use:

A. Industrial Packing Tables
B. Newsprint Sheets
C. Desk Lamps
D. Industrial Tape Dispenser
E. Stackable Bins
F. Biodegradable Greenline Bags
G. 3” x 5” Postcards
H. Uline Scale
I. Padded Floor Matt
J. Utility Cart
K. Kraft Padded Mailers
L. Super Duty Bubble Bags
M. Industrial Packing Tape

3. Think Through Your Every Movement to Maximize Your Efficiency

Think through your shipping process and try to organize your station to meet your needs. Maybe it would be helpful to purchase some shelving so that you could store your boxes. Or to find ways that you could organize all your orders on trays.

4. Batch Your Tasks

I have found that it is most efficient for me to batch my tasks. I think about tasks that take a clear mind and do those first. Tasks such as tapping up boxes happen at the end of the day when my mind is pretty tired.

5. Create Good Habits to Stay Focused

By thinking through tasks that happen throughout the day, I have developed habits that I “stack” on top of each other. I have a series of tasks that are done in a certain order so that I can be most efficient. If I start to get distracted, I will jot my thoughts on a piece of paper and get back to it later. If you have received an order with items you didn’t order, I can promise you it was because I was multi-tasking!!!

If we, as a community of makers can be 1% better at running our small businesses, that indeed is amazing! Please share this article with other makers!

I hope that you found this helpful! Please share what you have learned in the comments below!


* Disclaimer! I am not paid in anyway to provide this information nor do we make money off of you purchasing from the suppliers we provide links to. My intentions are to make the lives of our creative community easier. This sort of research on what to buy takes a lot of time and if I can share any of the knowledge that I have and help in anyway, I am so very glad to do so.

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2 thoughts on “5 Tips + Sources for Setting-Up a Jewelry Shipping Station!

  1. Betsy Burke says:

    Becky – you are the best!!!
    Thanks for all of your help, inspiration, and pats on the back. You provide the most beautiful and highest quality items that I find. The prices are always in line for the quality and beauty I receive. Thanks for hanging in there during these challenging times we all have faced. Betsy

  2. Karyn Turnage says:

    Becky, thank you! We appreciate your inspiration and helpful tips very much! Your designs are ALWAYS the best quality and we look forward to getting our shipments from you.

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