Are the Arts Essential?

As a product developer, business owner, and creative who is passionate about all forms of the arts, I spend a lot of time studying and contemplating the world through this perspective. I start the New Year with the question of, “Are the arts essential?”, because I feel it is a necessary part of moving forward into 2024.

During the global pandemic our industry was categorized, (along with many others), as non-essential. There was something about the wording of “non-essential” that hit me at my core. I felt deeply the pain of the world.

Beatrice Chestnut, PhD and Uranio Paes of CP Enneagram Academy helped to put the emotions I was struggling with into words. Beatrice and Uranio write that there are three types of intelligence. There is the intelligence of the heart, which provides us with our emotional intelligence. There is the intelligence of the mind, which is our intellectual intelligence, and there is the intelligence of the body, providing us with instinctual intelligence. In order for us to be truly human, we need to keep all three in balance. I believe that an imbalance of these three traits is at the center of the conflict that continues in our global society.

During the pandemic of Covid-19, our world was focused on the intelligence of the mind, with the main emotion being fear. I believe if our lives are not lived from the perspective that the arts are essential, we can lose sight of our other intelligences, our hearts and our bodies. We may lose our abilities to feel the full range of emotions. We may lose sight of our beautiful world that we need to cherish.

As artists, we have the power to reveal this beauty through our creative endeavors, while giving our fellow humans a chance to pause and ponder the smallest of details. We work in colors that resonate with the human species. We communicate in a symbolic language through icons and graphics. Our stories speak to the world, helping all to remember a part of themselves that their conscious minds have forgotten and perhaps our efforts will open their eyes to their core essence.

Art is Essential.
Makers are Essential.
Creativity is Essential.

The root word for essential is essence, translated from Latin as, “to be”. All of us have a part to play in the essence and evolution of our species. All of us bring value to this beautiful planet we call home. I believe we are being called to examine what is truly essential in our lives. In the years to come will we choose to be overwhelmed by fear? Or will we stay committed to being a creative expression of life’s energy expressed uniquely through us.

My family, my business, my life is all in on Art. Art is the overall arching umbrella that protects and nourishes emotions, beliefs and senses. Art is a vocation, a calling that allows us to find that all-important balance of heart, mind and body. I pray daily for all of us to help awaken others to the beauty that our eyes can see, our hands create and our souls sing.

I am grateful to be in community with each and every one of you.

Happy New Year, all my love-

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