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Last month during our Sculpted Relief Buy & Try, we gave you a hint of the kind of beauty that comes from Nunn Design Team Member, Debra Oldham. Throughout the year, the Nunn Design Team takes turns working one on one with me to create pieces of jewelry. For some of the team members, jewelry making may be a totally new creative form. This process helps them to get clear on what their natural style is, their taste and what makes their heart sing.


Art isn’t new to Debra, although jewelry making is. Debra has a BFA in painting and drawing from the University of Arizona and has found the natural progression of creating jewelry to be another extension of her creative self. “Jewelry making incorporates color, form, composition and problem solving for me,” states Oldham. “Understanding the techniques of the new mediums used in jewelry making has lead to a whole new arena of creating wearable art”.


Over the past year and a half that Debra has been a member of the Nunn Design Team, she naturally gravitated towards sculpting epoxy clay and colorizing it with resin to create a glazed porcelain-like look. “I have been drawing, painting and sculpting since I was a baby,” states Oldham. “For my artisan feature, I just couldn’t resist the desire to sculpt with my hands and incorporate my love for color and painting”.


Debra’s personality comes out in her work. Her whimsical bright colored jewelry captures her playful, extremely funny personality, while her contemporary classic style captures how deep and sensitive she is. All of these emotions lead to such beauty that seems to come out of Debra naturally and effortlessly. It has been a joy to work with her and to watch her creativity unfold. Keep the magic coming Debra. Your creativity is an inspiration to us all.

To see more of Debra’s work, visit:
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