Artisan Spotlight: Karen McGovern

Not only does Karen McGovern produce beautiful unique jewelry she has a big mission behind her work.  “Art and nature are one and same to me.” Karen states, “You cannot have one without the other.  My goal is to create art that represents this link and raises awareness and funds for the wildlife conservation.” Now, I’m in marketing and know when I’m being marketed too.  Karen McGovern isn’t just talking the talk; she is the real authentic deal, the real McCoy.

Karen grew up in the Florida wilderness, and later in life became a conservation biologist.  Her work as an artist and jewelry designer directly reflects her deep respect for nature and her passion to preserve creatures living in the wild throughout the world.  Her passion is backed up with her commitment to donate most of her proceeds to the Rare Species Conservatory Foundation.  See what I mean, this woman is the real deal!

AND on top of that…she is REALLY talented.  Throughout the year Karen and pushed the envelope over and over.  Turning in projects that started many of emails between the two of us.  Emails that sounded like “ahhh…where did you even think to do that…”, followed by such a patient explanation of her inspiration.

It has been my honor to support and promote such a wonderful person walking this earth.  My association with Karen brings me such a great appreciation for not only what she does in the world, but also that Nunn Design findings are the components that support her in creating it.

To learn more about Karen, visit her at:


Thank you Karen.


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One thought on “Artisan Spotlight: Karen McGovern

  1. Erin Prais-Hintz says:

    Everything here is so very interesting! I had never known Karen before this team and her work just impresses and amazes me all the time. I love that she feels so passionately about nature and how that is entwined in her work. She is a visionary and a true artist. Thank you for sharing Miss Karen with us! Enjoy the day. Erin

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