Artisan Spotlight: Pauletta Brooks

Pauletta Brooks

Pauletta Brooks has a great rap sheet!  Her design work has been credited in major fashion magazines and journals including: Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, The New York Times, New York Magazine, Details, The Daily News, and Ornament Magazine. Her crafts have been featured in Handcraft Magazine, Sundance, Plaid Industry books, at the galleries at FIT and at The Folk Art Museum of New York.

Taking inspiration from historical references in art and from the manipulation of the material itself, Ms. Brooks creates pieces that can be appreciated as mini sculptures as well as fashion pieces… complex, elegant, organic, tactile, modern-primitive, ‘wearable art’.

Artist’s Statement: I’ve never been a peg that fits into just one hole! I experiment with all kinds of mediums… Whatever looks interesting or inspiring is fodder for manipulating into a wearable art piece or an art project.

See more of Pauletta’s work:



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