Make Your Own Rhinestone Bezel

[youtube][/youtube] Design Your Own Setting With Chatons, Crystal Clay® and Nunn Design® Raised Pendant Pateras

Create a rhinestone necklace using rhinestone chain, Crystal Clay and Crystal Chatons.  Becky Nunn’s step-by-step instructions and video shows just how easy it is to make handmade jewelry that is both unique and classic.

Make Your Own Rhinestone Bezel

The Raised Pendant is created with the Nunn Design Resin and collage sheets.  Using resin and how to work with resin takes education.   Attending and paying for jewelry classes is one way to learn handcrafted jewelry techniques, but so are free online “how-to” videos.  Below is a list of great free videos that will help you learn how to make your own resin jewelry.

How to Make Resin Art Pendants (Rio Grande)
How To Magnify an Image Using Doming Resin (Rio Grande)
Bezel Resin Basics (Beaducation)
How to use ICE Resin to make resin jewelry (Artbeads)
How to Use Ice Resin (Beadaholique)
Preparing and Using Resin (Lima Beads)
How to Prevent Bubbles in Your Resin (Lima Beads)

Gel du Soleil
Making Jewelry with UV Resin (Beaducation)

Happy Creating!

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