Becky’s Tidbits Episode 7 Gourmet Mudpies. The Making of Collaboration, Relationships and Inspiring Creativity

I can remember some of my earliest memories of “being creative.”

I grew up in Southeast Alaska so playing outdoors in the woods was a source of endless hours of creative play for my siblings and me.

One of my favorite games was “Restaurant.” Our restaurant’s specialty was mud pies. Not any mud pies, but gourmet mud pies.
We would harvest all the right ingredients to create with.
A couple of worms, on a good harvesting day.
We’d top off the mud pies with a couple of blueberries and pine needles.
We were onto the organic trend way before organic was a trend.

It was fun.

I believe that each one of us who leads a creative life has a mud pie story like mine.

I believe this so much, that we have built a company around the same 3 creative principles that I had in the woods so many years ago:

collaborate on the finest ingredients to use for creating
build relationships
inspire and nurture creativity

Collaboration is where it starts.

As kids, to make those awesome gourmet mud pies that sold out day after day, we worked collaboratively to bring in the right ingredients to use for creating. We were innovative in our use of blueberries and pine needles to give us just the right edge to compete with the neighbor kids.

At Nunn Design, we work collaboratively to design and manufacture in the USA with the finest ingredients to use for creating.

Build Relationships

It didn’t matter, rain or shine, we had on our raincoats and boots and we were professionals! We took pride in working as a team. We had fun figuring out “how to make the best mud pies.”

At Nunn Design we believe that relationships are everything!

Inspire and nurture creativity

My older sister was way more skilled than I was at making gourmet mud pies.
I was inspired by her.
She nurtured me by teaching me all her tricks.

At Nunn Design, we believe in sharing what we know. A key ingredient to our success is that we believe in inspiring others and nurturing their creativity – by supplying education through tutorials and videos.

We may have graduated our culinary repertoire as we became adults,
but working collaboratively,
building relationships
and being part of a community that inspires and nurtures our creativity
is worth coming out to play!

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