Brags on the 2019 Nunn Design Spring Art Retreat!

Left to Right: Luranah, Dawn, Andrea, Denise, Dian, Becky Nunn, Tabitha, Jenn, Agnes, Patty, Mari & Jovanna.

The 2019 Nunn Design Spring Art Retreat was held here in beautiful Port Townsend, WA last weekend. Of course, you would expect for a company that is hosting such an event to say it was “great,” but truly, it was beyond awesome.

Art Retreat Gone Boot Camp:

11 women from all over the United States gathered in the Nunn Design office and warehouse to start the first steps of the “Art Retreat gone Boot Camp.” The bracelet that I had designed was INTENSE, but everyone rose to the occasion and worked like crazy to learn every last bit of the techniques we had in store for them.

This is the 2019 Spring Art Retreat project. Each student was encouraged to make their own design decisions, allowing for each person’s charm bracelet to come out uniquely their own.

Class Member Bracelets!

Let me brag on this wonderful group! Here are the finished bracelets from several of the class members.

Designer: Luranah

Designer: Andrea

Designer: Denise

Designer: Dian

Designer: Jenn

Designer: Patty Rose

Designer: Tabitha

Designer: Dawn

Designer: Mari

Designer: Jovanna

Designer: Agnes

Isn’t that impressive? The answer is YES!
Thank you to everyone for making the journey to come to play with us. It was a delight and a pleasure to create with you.


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