Bringing in the New Year

Annually, I take time between Christmas and New Years to reflect on the past year and set my intentions for the year to come. I have really enjoyed the structure of a free downloadable booklet I found online called the YearCompass. I hope that you too will find value in taking a couple hours of your time to reflect and plan for your year to come.

There are many things that we have experienced together this year, but I want to highlight five of my favorite pieces of work that the team at Nunn Design created.

I hope that you enjoy them as much as we have enjoyed creating them.


A Place Where We All Belong

I have come to experience true belonging within our community of Nunn Design makers. I have found my niche. My tribe of kindred spirits. I have found makers that are wickedly creative, yet solid business people. Makers committed to living a creative life. Makers that are curious, brave and passionate learners.

We Together Should Be Proud

The first collection of Nunn Design Findings released when I was pregnant with Emillia. I did this so that I could live a lifestyle that would allow me to be home with her. I did it so that I would have the freedom and flexibility to live a creative life.

Just Keep Making!

Sometime we might love something, but we find out from sales and feedback that we were the only ones that were nuts-o about that design. And instead of telling ourselves that we aren’t any good or can’t come up with anything anyone wants to buy, we need to just say, “hey, I missed the mark. Let me do that one again.”

Art, Creativity and Makers are Essential

What if we took on the belief that the jobs and the work that maker’s who take the risks and put themselves out there and say “I made this,” is essential.

Throughout my 25 years of being a designer and entrepreneur, I have witnessed really strong reactions from people when it comes to their beliefs about their own creativity. Many believe that the creativity gene just wasn’t something they were born with.


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12 thoughts on “Bringing in the New Year

  1. Laurie Galloway says:

    Thank you for pointing me in the direction of Year/Compass. I’m spending time today to actively direct my intentions and create my dreams.

  2. Richard Canary says:

    “Throughout my 25 years of being a designer and entrepreneur, I have witnessed really strong reactions from people when it comes to their beliefs about their own creativity. MANY BELIEVE THAT THE CREATIVITY GENE JUST WASN’T SOMETHING THEY WERE BORN WITH.”

    I believe that all humans are born with that ‘creative gene’, but that early in life issues may block a person’s creativity. But many people realize later in their lives that their creativity has just been hidden for many years.

    People like Becky Nunn help people to have faith in their own creativity.

    Happy New Year, everybody!

  3. Nancy Lacke says:

    Happy New Year Becky! Finding you and your business has enriched my creative life, I’m excited for new creative processes this year! Thank you for all you and your team do to support our creativity! <3

  4. Tara Hebert says:

    Yes. I never knew that I had an ounce of creativity until I dove into making g jewelry. I love everything about Nunn Design. Becky and her staff are always there to help me when I need it. Everything always comes together when I am using Nunn Design products. Thank you Becky, Heather, and Cheryl and all the other wonderful staff. HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!!!

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