Create A Duotone Bracelet Using A Pencil And Epoxy Clay

Embedding crystals into Epoxy Clay to give it a major bling look has taken its place in the limelight. But, epoxy clay isn’t just for crystals. It can be used to create something as equally elegant, such as these duotone bracelets.

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Looking For A Fun Jewelry Project To Do This Afternoon?

I’m always looking for a jewelry project that I can create from beginning to end within an afternoon. And, if I can do it with tools I already have, that makes it all the better! This duotone project was the result of a Saturday afternoon when my kids were having play dates and I was inspired to “create something”. So grab a pencil, some epoxy clay, a Channel Bangle and get ready to impress your friends with something that looks really hard, but isn’t.

This duotone bracelet looks complicated, but it is simple for a beginner or an advance jewelry artist to create. Jewelry has a higher perceived value if it looks complicated to make.”

How to Make A Duotone Bracelet With Epoxy Clay:

Here is where the fun starts. You will need a couple supplies and odds and ends from the around the house to create this great project. If you would like to download a pdf to follow along while you work, that too can be of great help.

Supplies Needed:

  • Bangle Bracelet Channel 1 inch width (bbc1-sb)
  • Epoxy Clay-Black (cryclay-black)
  • Epoxy Clay-White (cryclay-white)

Tools Needed:

  • A pencil or circle cutting tool
  • Wet wipes
  • Headpin
  • A small bowl of water


Step 1:
Remove the eraser from the end of a pencil. I did this with a pair of needle nose pliers. It took me a little while to get all of the pink out, so take your time. You won’t want that getting into the clay.


Step 2:
Open your Epoxy Clay. Don your gloves, pinch off a ball about 1 inch in diameter of part A and part B of the Epoxy Clay and start-a-mixing. Keep blending the clay together until the color is consistent and there is no marbling.


Step 3:
Create an 8-inch snake with the mixed ball of Crystal Clay from Step 1. Do this by rolling the clay in the palm of your hands. Don’t panic if it isn’t a continuous roll, it is easy to merge the clay together if you have breakage.


Step 4:
I take my gloves off from here on out. Press the snake of Epoxy Clay into the base of the Channel Bangle. To begin, press the end down firmly to the Channel Bangle. I pressed the rolled snake of clay down with my left thumb, then pushed it forward and stretched it out flat while my right hand held the excess snake of clay. I then slightly pulled and rotated the bracelet slowly. It may take your own system to get comfortable, but in Step 3 you are laying the clay down into the Channel. I try to keep the clay flush against the side edges and the same height as the bangle.


Step 5:
While the black Epoxy Clay is still soft (you have 90-120 minutes to work with the clay) create imprints into the clay with the eraser end of the pencil. Create a pattern, feeling free to redo it if you aren’t crazy about it and try something new. Just play and explore.


Step 6:
Allow the piece to cure until the Black Epoxy Clay is hard (about 90-120 minutes).

Step 7:
Once your piece with the Black Epoxy Clay is dry – don your gloves, pinch off a grape-sized ball of part A and part B of the White Epoxy Clay and start-a-mixing. Keep blending the clay together until the color is consistent and there is no marbling.

Step 8:
Start to press the White Epoxy Clay down into the recessed areas. To make the clay flow a little better, dip it in a small bowl of water.


Step 9:
Use a wet wipe to clean off the excess white. You’ll also want to make sure that none of the clay is left on any of the surfaces of the metal. Once it has hardened, it is super hard to get off. Let the clay completely dry overnight before wearing.


There you have it. Pretty fun huh?

Download a free PDF: How To Create A Duotone Epoxy Clay Bangle Bracelet

Watch Video!

Watch the tutorial video of this project that we did with Artbeads!


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If you have projects that you’ve created with epoxy clay and channel bangles, please email us your creations! Who knows, you might be featured on the Nunn Design Blog! We would love to be inspired by you!

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