Marla’s Table – Bead Embroidering Around Cabochons


Innovation Team Member, Marla Salezze is crazy about beading.  Take a look into her studio to see the latest project on her table. – Becky

Marla Says:

I love to bead embroider around cabochons. A lot of cabochons I bead with are purchased pre-made using a variety of materials including resin, polymer clay, crystal and wood. So when I found these large, blank wood beads at a bead show a few weeks ago, I knew I wanted to create my own handmade cabochons to bead with.


These beads provide the perfect blank canvas to be embellished with Nunn Design transfer sheets, brass adornments and resin.


First, I traced the large beads onto the Nunn Design transfer sheets and cut out my shape to cover the entire surface of the blank bead.


Following the Nunn Design transfer sheet’s usage instructions, I soaked the transfer sheets in room temperature water for about a minute until the transfer image began separating from the white backing.


I gently placed the transfer image on a paper towel and blotted any excess water.

A step I wish I had done in retrospect was to paint a thin coat of Nunn Design sealant on the surface of the blank bead prior to transferring the image. This step ensures the transfer sheet is bonded to the blank wood surface and prevents the resin from seeping into the transfer sheet image.

I then transferred the image to the blank bead and gently using my fingertips, spread out any air bubbles.


Once the transfer image is set, paint a thin coat of Nunn Design sealant over the transfer sheet to seal it. Make sure you glue around the corners to protect the transfer sheet and prevent the resin from seeping in. Give the glue a few minutes to dry.


Then, arrange your Nunn Design brass adornments and other objects on top of your bead with the transfer sheet. When you are happy with the placement, glue them down with E6000. I found tiny three dimensional acrylic flowers to compliment the pattern on the transfer sheets.


Mix the Nunn Design resin according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Pour the resin over the transfer sheet and adornments to create a glossy effect. You could even pour a second layer of resin after the first layer of resin has dried to create a doming effect on the cabochon.


When the resin has dried, you now have a beautiful handmade cabochon that can be bead embroidered with seed beads, pearls and crystals and added to a beaded or fiber and metal neckstrap.



Let it bead!

Thanks for sharing, Marla!

Products Used:
Brass Stamping Metal Embellishments
Transfer Sheets
Resin Kit

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