Domed Itsy Bezel Tutorial


This is the second tutorial inspired by Nunn Design Team member, Haylee Troncone from our most recent Art Day. Haylee created a full line of jewelry that included these sweet domed Itsy Bezel Earring Posts. Here is a quick tutorial of how Haylee created them.

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Learn How!

Supplies Needed:

Earring Posts Itsy Circle
Crystal Clay 25g-Black
Faceted Bead Chain Fine-Silver
Crystal Chatons

Toothpick or headpin

Flush Cutters Pliers


Step 1:

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the handling and mixing of the Crystal Clay. While wearing gloves, pinch off two equal sized balls of Part A and Part B and blend together fully until the clay is no longer marbled and uniform in color. You have approximately 90-120 minutes of working time before the clay starts to harden, so take your time. Once the clay is thoroughly mixed, remove your gloves to make it easier to work with the clay.


Step 2:

Pinch off two small cranberry sized balls of the Crystal Clay (one ball for each earring). Roll one of the small cranberry balls in the palm of your hands until it is smooth. Place the ball of Crystal Clay it into the Earring Post Itsy Circle. Press the ball down into the bezel while using your fingers to gently shape a small high dome.
Tip: If you have too much clay and your dome is way too high, pinch of the excess clay and then remove all of the clay from your earring bezel. It is easiest to just start this step over again. Make sure that you also reduce the size of the second small ball of Crystal Clay for your matching earring.

DSC_0471_1000x1000 DSC_0474_1000x1000

Step 3:

Use a wet-wipe to remove any Crystal Clay from the Earring Post Itsy Circle. When the clay hardens, it is like cement. Cleaning your hands and the metal surface as you go will result in a higher quality finished piece.


Step 4:

Embed the first bead of the Faceted Bead Chain Fine into the Crystal Clay at the base of the Earring Post Itsy Circle. Wrap the Faceted Bead Chain Fine around the base of the Crystal Clay dome. Continue to spiral up the dome of Crystal Clay until you reach the top center. Allow about 1/16” of exposed clay at the top. Use a pair of Flush Cutter Pliers to trim away the excess chain.

DSC_0486_1000x1000 DSC_0489_1000x1000 DSC_0492_1000x1000 DSC_0499_1000x1000DSC_0504_1000x1000

Step 5.

Gently sculpt the dome, embed the Faceted Bead Chain Fine into the Crystal Clay.

Step 6:

Pour out some of the Crystal Chatons onto your work surface. Using the beeswax toothpick that is included in the Crystal Clay Kit, pick-up one of the 20ss Crystal Chatons (the largest in the pack) and place it in the center of the domed spiral. Press down gently, fully embedding the chaton.

DSC_0508_1000x1000 DSC_0512_1000x1000 DSC_0519_1000x1000

Step 7:

Gently wipe down your piece with a wet-wipe. Repeat Steps 1-6 for making the match of the Domed Itsy Bezel Earrings.


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