Emillia Nunn in the 2017 Port Townsend Wearable Art Show!

Photo by David Goetze

My oldest daughter Emillia, age 13, participated in the 7th Annual Port Townsend Wearable Art Show a couple weeks ago. It is a fun Port Townsend event that raises funds for women and children.

Emillia spent the winter months refining her wearable art concept, creating her costume, her accessories, selecting her music and rehearsing her runway choreography. It was a full winter indeed as we worked together through all of these stages.

The title of Emillia’s pieces was “The Girl Beneath the Couch Cushions.” She made her costume from things that one would find in the couch, such as; Cheerios, candy wrappers, keys, coins and socks.

Photo by David Goetze

She found a vintage curtain panel at the Goodwill and had assistance from our neighbor Liz in sewing her cape, shirt, pants, belt and headpiece.

Photo by David Goetze

Liz scored Emillia a box of old tube socks that we cut into strips and rolled into dozens of rosette like flowers that we attached to the cape. Many seasons of the PBS series Mr. Selfridge was watched during this task!

Then came the accessories.

Candy Wrappers in Resin Jewelry Tutorial:

To see a full tutorial of Emillia creating the jewelry for her wearable art costume, view our post on Candy Wrappers in Resin Jewelry. Create Jewelry with Candy Wrappers, Open Hoops and Resin

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6 thoughts on “Emillia Nunn in the 2017 Port Townsend Wearable Art Show!

    • beckynunn says:

      Yes! That was a score with her dad from the Goodwill. Enough to cut apart and make other accents of the costume.

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