Take a Look at Emillia Nunn in the Wearable Art Show

Credit: Photo by David Goetz

The Port Townsend Wearable Art Show is gaining recognition for being one of the top shows of its kind. The event was founded in 2011 as a fundraiser for the Jefferson County Community Foundation’s Fund for Woman and Girls.

This year, the team at Nunn Design all attended the show. It was especially fun for me because my 12-year-old daughter, Emillia, participated in the student division.

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Emillia worked for several months with our neighbor Liz on her wearable art creation. She constructed her “Crazy Card Creation” using Pokemon Cards that she had collected at garage sales. Emillia won first place in the student division and tied for 2nd place in the People’s Choice Award.

To watch my daughter on the catwalk for this event was beyond words. I can’t help but get a little teary-eyed each time I see these images of her. It wasn’t because I was “proud” of her, although I was; it was something way beyond that. I think for myself, I saw a power greater than her physical body on that Catwalk. I saw my daughter become the warrior that she is.

I am passionate about art and living a creative life. Seeing my daughter that day reflected the values that I have held true for my family and myself. It was one of the most meaningful moments of my life to witness my daughter living the life that she is intended to. To see her confident and in her power.


To learn more about the Port Townsend Wearable Art Show, visit them at: www.ptwearableart.com

Besides creating art for the Port Townsend Wearable Art Show, Emillia is a writer. For the Stars of Tomorrow Show last year, Emillia wrote and performed this comedy routine.

Thank you Emillia for being such an inspiration to me. Your courage and confidence is way beyond what I could even dream of for you. Keep going girl!  You are truly amazing!

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15 thoughts on “Take a Look at Emillia Nunn in the Wearable Art Show

  1. Lizzie Renville says:

    Congrats! What a lovely girl. I love to see confident, creative young women. Her costume is incredible! I love the green use of cards and the Pokemon cards make it youthful and current. Well done!

  2. Annie says:

    LOL, omg, the Farmer Barbie segment was a riot (I live in a farm community too). Talented young lady you’ve got there! Congrats to her (and she looks a lot like her mom).

    • beckynunn says:

      Thank you Annie for watching the video! I think it is a riot too. What amazes me about her comedy routine is that she was in front of a sold out audience. She just looks so relaxed up there. For the wearable art show, there were two sold out audiences of 750 people each showing. The girl was something!

  3. Katherine says:

    Just like her mom – she totally killed it! You may not have helped her with this costume, but you give her the ingredients everyday – in the special quantities only you have the recipe for – that are constituting her spirit. She was AMAZING!! Unbelievable she is so full of grace, confidence, and attitude at that young age. What a cool kiddo!

  4. Larissa Heskett says:

    She’s AMAZING!! Such a BRIGHT FURTURE is ahead for her!! THANKS SO MUCH for sharing and tell her CONGRATS!! She wrote an AWESOME Show I LOVED the Deer Idea!! We have LOADS of them in Nebraska too, and I LOVE the idea of shipping them off the Africa!! LOL!! The Seagull song ROCKED too so FUNNY!! =) Can’t wait to see what else she does!! THANKS AGAIN for sharing and have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)

    • beckynunn says:

      Thank you Larissa, for watching the video! She is super funny and did such an amazing job. I do think she is onto something with the deer over population. Thought that this morning as I stepped in deer droppings on the way to my car this am! No scoop laws on deer!

  5. Donna Musarra says:

    Wow, I always knew that girl had a lot of chutzpah (even at a very young age). But she is blowing me away with her creativity, intelligence, and confidence. I love me some Emilia. She’s crazy funny too!

    • beckynunn says:

      Thank you Donna! The boots had 4″ high heels! I was in a total panic that she was going to trip off the catwalk!

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