Flower Blossom Necklace Tutorial


It is springtime here in the Pacific Northwest. Port Townsend is located on the Olympic Peninsula and is shadowed by the Olympic Mountains. It is often referred to as the “blue hole”, for Port Townsend receives half of the annual rainfall (19.33 inches) as nearby Seattle (34.1 inches).

Anyway, this isn’t a blog post about the weather…but a comment about how spring has sprung earlier here – hence my Flower Blossom Necklace Tutorial. The cherry trees are in full bloom and by far are my favorite. I hope you will be inspired to welcome Spring!

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Flower Blossom Necklace Tutorial

Designer: Becky Nunn

Supplies Needed:

  • 1 piece Hammered Flat Tag Grande Thin Double Loop Antique Gold (hftgt-gb)
  • 1 piece Beadcap 12mm Petal Antique Gold (bc12p-gb)
  • 1 piece Beadcap 6mm Daisy Antique Gold (bc6d-gb)
  • 16” Fine Textured Cable Chain Antique Gold (ftc-gb)
  • 4 pieces Jumpring 6mm Textured Circle Antique Gold (jr6tc-gb)
  • 1 Toggle Bar Hammered Antique Gold (tbh-gb)
  • 1 Toggle Ring Hammered Antique Gold (trh-gb)


  • 1 6mm Pearl Bead
  • 1 2” Balled Headpin (you could use the Nunn Design 2 inch Headpins Antique Gold, but the gauge of the headpin might be a little difficult to bend and wrap)


Tools Needed:

  • 1 Pair of Flush Cutter Pliers (plfc)
  • 2 Pair of Flat Nose Pliers (plset)
  • 1 pair of Hole Punch Pliers 1.25mm (plhp125)


Making the Flower Blossom Pendant

Step 1:
Decide where the blossom (your Beadcap 12mm Petal) will go on the Hammered Flat Tag. I chose to position mine slightly off centered. Use a Sharpie and mark two dots for holes directly under the Beadcap 12mm Petal approximately 1/8” apart.


Step 2:
Pewter is a very soft metal and can mar easily from the Hole Punch Plier tool. I like to create a barrier with a piece of card stock prior to punching the holes. However, it can be difficult see the Sharpie marks once the card stock barrier is in place, so before using the card stock, create a small indentation on the metal tag over the Sharpie marks using the 1.25mm Hole Punch Pliers. Gently create a small divot, avoid punching all the way through.


Step 3:
Tear off a small piece of card stock. Using your 1.25 Hole Punch, punch a hole in the card stock. You will keep this piece of card stock in the hole punch to prevent marring of the tag as discussed in Step 2. This will be used as the barrier mentioned in step 2.


Step 4:
Now you will feel your way for the small divot you made in step 2 with your Hole Punch Pliers (see what I’m talking about? It is really hard to see the marks on your tag with the card in the way). Once hole punch is in line with the divot, punch your hole all the way through the tag. Repeat for the second hole.


Step 5:
Thread the 6mm Pearl, Beadcap 8mm Daisy, Beadcap 12mm Petal onto the Balled Headpin. Thread the pearl and bead cap blossom through one of the holes in the Hammered Flat Tag.


Step 6:
Turn over the Hammered Flat Tag and thread the Balled Headpin up through the second hole. (Honestly, this wasn’t as easy as I make it look. It might take some monkey wrenching to get that bead cap blossom with the head pin to lay flat on the Hammered Flat Tag while you thread it through the backside and pull it back up through to the front. I think I said a bad word once…sshhh.)


Step 7:
Once the Ball Headpin is threaded through the Hammered Flat Tag and through the second hole, wrap the excess wire around the base of the Bead Cap Blossom. If you feel you have too much, you can trim the Headpin with your Flush Cutter Pliers.


Assembling the Chain onto the Hammered Flower Blossom

Step 8:
Using your 2 pairs of Flat Nose Pliers, open up one of the 6mm Textured Circle Jumprings and thread one end of the 16” Fine Textured Cable Chain. Then thread the jump ring with attached chain onto the Hammered Flat Tag. Repeat this for the other side.


Step 9:
Determine the center mark on the 16” of Fine Textured Cable Chain and cut the chain with your Flush Cutter Pliers.


Step 10:
Open up another 6mm Textured Circle Jumprings and thread it onto the end of the 16” Fine Textured Cable Chain cut in step 9 along with the Toggle Ring Hammered. Repeat for the Toggle Ring Hammered on the other side.


There you have it! Sweet huh?


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