How to Fill Open Frame Pendants with Colorized Resin and Brass Stampings Tutorial + Video


A couple weeks ago, we posted a tutorial on how to add colorized resin to an open frame pendant. In this tutorial, I will walk you through how to add colorized resin and a brass stamping to an open frame pendant to create this great look.

Learn How with this Tutorial!

This written tutorial walks you through the pendants that I created in the video shown below.

Materials Need:
Open Frame Large Circle Single Loop-Antique Copper
Open Frame Mini Circle Single Loop-Antique Silver
Open Frame Mini Square Single Loop-Antique Gold
Nunn Design 2-Part Resin
Brass Stampings
Castin’ Craft Opaque Pigment-Black

Other Supplies:
Packing Tape
Extra Mixing Cups
Stir Stick & Toothpicks
Business Cards

Step 1:
Cut a small piece of thick packing tape and apply it to the back of the Open Frame Pendants. Press firmly onto the Open Frame Pendant and rub it against a hard surface like your table, burnishing the frame to the tape by rubbing it back and forth on your work surface. This solid connection between the tape and the frame will prevent resin from seeping out. Trim around the packing tape to remove any excess. The tape is sticky and can easily disturb wet resin, so best to minimize any chance of that happening.

Step 2:
Read the resin instructions for safety concerns regarding the Nunn Design Resin.
When I work with resin, I always:

  • Place a large plastic bag over my work surface and tape it down.
  • I make sure I have ventilation in my workroom.
  • I wear gloves.
  • I wear glasses (readers because I can’t see anymore. Plus it protects my eyes!).
  • I have a pile of wet wipes handy.
  • This is a great blog post that covers 20 Habits for Successfully Using Nunn Design 2-Part Epoxy Resin. Even if you are a seasoned resin mixer, this might be worth a read.
  • You can also watch this great video on How to Mix Nunn Design Resin

Step 3:
Mix your resin. Place one cup (included in the Nunn Design Resin Kit) onto your table. For curing purposes, it is very important that the resin be an exact 1 to 1 ratio of Part A and Part B. I suggest getting your eyes level with the resin so you can see the lines on the measuring cup. Pour Part A of your resin kit up to the ½ fluid ounce mark on your measuring cup. Pour Part B of your resin kit into the same cup until it is filled to the 1 fluid ounce mark.


Step 4:

Set your timer for 2 minutes. Using the stir stick from your kit (a popsicle stick or coffee stir stick will work great too), slowly and carefully stir your resin scraping the sides as you stir. Stir for a minimum of 2 minutes. If your resin is still cloudy continue to mix until clear. After mixing is complete and your resin is clear, scrape both sides of your stir stick on the edge of your resin filled cup.  Set the mixture under a warm lamp for 5 minutes. This aids the air bubbles in the resin to rise to the surface and pop.


Step 5:
After your resin has been under the lamp for 5 minutes, pour a small amount of the mixed resin into a measuring cup. Add in a couple drops of the Castin’ Craft Opaque Pigment-Black to give the resin color. If the resin isn’t as opaque as you would like, add in another drop of the Opaque Pigment. You can mix the full 1 fluid ounce measuring cup of resin if you want, but I transfer the resin into smaller cups because it is easier to stir and less messy to move around when less full.
Tip: Be sure that the colorant does not equal more than 10% of your resin as having more than 10% could cause issues with curing!

Step 6:
Once you are satisfied with the color, place your Open Frame Pendant with the taped back onto a business card. This will help you move the piece around without the risk of disturbing the wet resin. Use your stir stick to drizzle the resin into the Open Frame Pendant slowly. You will want only enough to completely fill the base of your pendant creating a solid looking base. Use your toothpicks to move the resin around if it isn’t flowing over to the edges.

Step 7:
Set aside your Open Framed Pendant for a couple hours to let the resin harden slightly. We will want the resin to be firm enough to place the brass stamping onto it and not have it sink to the bottom.

Step 8:
Once the resin has hardened slightly (about 6 – 8 hours), place into the surface of the colorized resin one of the brass stampings.

Step 9:
Mix up another batch of Nunn Design 2-Part Resin, repeating Steps 3-5.

Step 10:
Drizzle the clear resin onto the surface of the brass stamping until the Open Frame is almost filled. Use a toothpick to poke the brass stamping around to make sure no air bubbles have formed. If there is, the air bubbles will rise to the surface and you can gently breathe on them. The heat from your breath will make the air expand and pop the bubbles.

Step 11:
Continue to drizzle the clear resin slowly into your pendant until the pendant is full and domed. Let your resin cure overnight. I like to place a dish or a plastic cup over the drying resin to prevent dust or animal fur from adding to my design.

Step 12:
Once your resin is cured, remove the packing tape. If there is tape residue you can rub it off using a wet wipe – if the residue is too sticky you may use something like Goo Be Gone to remove the residue.

Step 13:
If you have resin that has seeped out you may use a pair of scissors to trim away the excess resin – be sure the resin is fully cured!

Watch the Video!


If you would learn better from watching me create this technique, here you go!

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Be inspired

Here are some other samples of using this technique within the Open Frame Pendants.

_DSC0334_Homam_DSC1057_ Wasat_DSC1067


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9 thoughts on “How to Fill Open Frame Pendants with Colorized Resin and Brass Stampings Tutorial + Video

  1. Pauli says:

    This is a wonderful project. The tut is very clear and informative. What a wonderful look this is.. I do believe you have once again fired me up about jewelry charm making. I have come to enjoy charm making so much more. Thanks again.. Please keep it up ,I so enjoy these projects and expanding my knowledge.

  2. Katherine Babcock says:

    VERY cool tutorial – thank you! I do have a question, though…I have searched and searched, but cannot find the frame you used for the clear resin and…mica flakes (? I can’t tell exactly what’s in the resin) – the frame that resembles a dog tag. Would you mind pointing me in the right direction, please? I LOVE THIS!

    How do you feel about living in CO? (I’m wondering if it’s just easier to sign the deed of my house over to you, instead of sending you constant smaller payments. Kind of like an eternal revolving line of credit that I’ve pre-paid. lol) Thanks for another fascinating idea – and the time and attention to detail you always spend making sure your instructions are easy to follow. Beautiful! Have you ever thought of opening a jewelry component company? Ha 😉

  3. Demra Collingwood says:

    I also have looked and looked for the open frame shaped like a dog tag, did not complete my order I am waiting to see where you got the frame. Love the look.

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