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Jewelry fads come and go. Jewelry trends tend to stick around longer, especially during times of a slow economy. Although I’m not trying to pretend I am cutting edge on trends, here are some trends that I like.

Trend:  Jewelry with a Strong Sense of Place

Jewelry with a strong theme that reminds people of an event or a desired adventure, such as a trip to France, is still very popular. Artists like Robyn Parrish of The French Circus have it down!

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Trend:  Bold Contemporary Statements

I love these big bold contemporary statements by Jujumade.

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Trend:  Feathers Incorporated in Jewelry

I’m enjoying seeing natural feathers being incorporated in jewelry. Etsy jewelry artist Mylia of Chrysalism does a lovely job!

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Trend:  Including Organics in Jewelry

Here are some great examples of including organics into these locket styled necklaces by The Slug and The Squirrel.


Trend:  Jewelry that Captures a Memory shows what can be done with all those squished pennies! I must admit, I’m kind of addicted to those machines and search for them in every museum! I’m collecting the squished pennies for my two girls. I am planning on making them charm bracelets for their 18th birthday. A captured memory of all the places we have gone together. Busts me up just thinking about it!


Trend:  Upcycle into Something Awesome

This is awhile back from Tabitha Ott’s blog, but using found objects and making them into something cool is still very trendy.


Are you seeing other trends? Please share some of your favorites.

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2 thoughts on “Jewelry on Trend

  1. Michelle Gray says:

    I LOVE the tiny terrariums! I’m wondering, do you know if fresh moss (or the like) can be encapsulated in resin and keep it’s gorgeous bright green color? Or will the moisture in the plant keep the resin from curing? If you’ve tried I’d appreciate knowing if it works to encapsulate fresh (IE not dried) bits of plants in resin.
    TFS all these great trends!

    • beckynunn says:

      Michelle- This is on my bucket list of things to explore. My offhand statement would be that you would need to dry or preserve the organics prior to pouring on resin. Resin does not like moisture. The moisture causes air bubbles in the resin. Let me know if you do play with it. I’ll keep you posted on what I explore.

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