Keeping It Fresh


Charity, at Momma Mosaics, is always coming up with something new – whether a new color combination of her glass or one of her beautiful glass pendants attached to a collection of bangle bracelets. The important point being – she is keeping it FRESH!

To see more of Charity Stewart designs, visit her:

Dribbles of Newness Keep Your Customers Coming Back!

Exploring new approaches keeps your customers coming back to buy more, but it also keeps things exciting and fun for you. It doesn’t have to be a huge new “full blown collection” that is added to the existing product line, just an occasional new addition. This approach allows you to test your market to see what your customers are interested in and where you might want to expand.


What new items have you added to your line at the last minute and were amazed at the results?
Tell us your story in the comments below.

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