Create One-Of-A-Kind Ornaments

Have the whole family join in the fun as you create treasured memories this holiday season. Create one-of-a-kind ornaments that preserve family moments for years to come with Nunn Design Jewelry Findings.


Learn The Basic Skills to Create Unique Pieces of Art

I know, I know. I am creating a major holiday season faux pas by talking about this upcoming holiday prior to Thanksgiving dinner being served and the leftovers stored away. But, I’m a planner! And a mother of two! I like to have some projects lined up for the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend (you like how I made a darn good excuse for breaking the rules!).

“You don’t have to have the same blood to be family.”

Now let’s get to some fun! Be inspired by the following four ornaments. Each project has how-to information as well as the Nunn Design findings you will need to create each project.


Ornament 1:

Nunn Design graphic designer, Melissa Williamson created this ornament lovely using the the basic skills of opening and closing a jump ring and knowing how to dome metals.

How To Open A Jump-Ring
How To Dome Metals

Findings Needed:
Ornate Mini Pendant Circle
9mm Textured Circle Jump Rings
Crest Tag Circle
Ball Chain
Metal Bead Faceted Drop
Wood Doming Block


Ornament 2:

Haylee Troncone, part of the Nunn Design Warehouse Team, created this one-of-a-kind ornament using the basic skills of opening and closing a jump ring and the simple technique of gluing an image onto the backside of a Nunn Design Glass Dome. Can you envision Junior or Fifi preserved for years to come?

How To Open A Jump-Ring
How to Use A Glass Dome

Findings Needed:
Grande Pendant Square
6mm Textured Circle Jump Ring
Rhinestone Chain
Patera Glass
Metal Bead Faceted Drop
Nunn Design Glue


Ornament 3:

Yours truly created this one (I’m Becky by the way). I’m a huge angel fan and love images of the Madonna, so that is what I chose. But once again, the image is limited only by your imagination. Maybe a movie ticket stub from when you and your husband had that evening out that you so want to remember. Or that quick shot that you took of you and your girlfriend at a summer time picnic? See what I mean, the options are limitless!

How To Open A Jump-Ring
How to Use A Glass Dome

Findings Needed:
Grande Circle Open Pendant
Crest Tag Grande Circle
30mm Glass Dome
9mm Textured Jumpring
Nunn Design Glue


Ornament 4:

You all know Cheryl Weinstein don’t you? If you have ever asked for anything from us, placed an order or had money taken from your credit card…that would have been Cheryl! Cheryl used some basic skills to create her holiday snowman (with a belly-button!).

How To Open A Jump-Ring
How To Make A Looped Bead
How to Make A Hole In Metal

Findings Needed:
Flat Tag Grande Circle Double Loop
Flat Tag Grande Circle Washer
Flat Tag Grande Circle Single Loop
Large Jump Ring
Head Pin
Metal Bead Faceted

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