Metal Stamped Jewelry! Tools, Education and Supplies!

Metal stamping continues to be a technique that allows jewelry makers to customize and create jewelry that is unique to their brand.

I first learned about metal stamping when I attended my first Bead and Button Show over 15 years ago. As I walked the show floor, there was one booth that was consistently crowded with customers. The company was When I returned home from the show, I reached out to and began my friendship with the founder, Lisa Niven Kelly.

I am an entrepreneur with a passion for all forms of art and the people who make it. For the past 20 years I have been driven with a purpose and mission; to collaborate with other artisans to inspire and nurture creativity. It was clear to me from the start that Lisa Niven Kelly was an artisan passionate about metal stamping. She was also the first within the jewelry making industry to offer an online platform for educational jewelry making classes, tools and supplies.

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I have loved watching Lisa’s success. She is generous, kind and has done a lot to help educate people on how to metal stamp. She has been celebrated as one of the “Top 10 Jewelry Making Teachers” and is the author and co-author of two metal stamping books.

Getting started with a new technique can feel overwhelming. Although stamping is a simple technique, the right tools and skills will help you create professional and exciting results. I reached out to Lisa to ask her advice on which tools to recommend. This is a frequently asked question that we receive when people are purchasing the Nunn Design Collection of Metal Stamping Blanks. Lisa was generous with her time and advice.

Here are the basics for getting started with metal stamping!

1. Tools to Get You Started Metal Stamping!

  • Economy Block uppercase, Lowercase and Numbers Stamp Set 1/8” (3mm).
    For $35.00 you can get a full lowercase and uppercase alphabet set with 0-8 numbers (the 9 is a 6 upside down). This is a great starter set to start practicing with.

    Lisa’s Tip: These economical stamps are not marked. It helps to use a black, white or metallic permanent pen to put a dot on the side of the stamp where you should hold your thumb to ensure the letter will be facing the correct direction.

    Lisa does have higher-end stamps that are a bit sharper and ground down to the letter. This extra attention to detail and quality makes it easier to see exactly where you are placing your letter, resulting in better stamping results! You can view other stamping sets on her website.

  • 4” x 4” Steel Bench Block
    For $19.95 you can purchase their steel bench block, which are made from high quality tool steel and ground smooth. This surface makes an ideal for metal stamping.

  • 1 lb Brass Head Mallet/Hammer $26.50.
    This hammer features a solid brass, one pound head. A brass hammer of this size is perfect for hammering ferrous or non-ferrous metals, and is excellent for stamping and dapping. The heavy brass head gives the user a nice “dead blow” (less bounce) which assures better performance when dapping or stamping.

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2. Education to Get You Started Metal Stamping!

As I mentioned, Lisa is very generous with her education. Just a quick read though her Top 10 Tips for Metal Stamping will provide even the more advanced metal stamper with some good reminders.

Here are a couple other places to learn more from Lisa:

  • Lisa’s Books!

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3. Where to Buy Metal Stamping Blank Supplies!

There are many types of materials that you can use for metal stamping. Here are the two places that we recommend:

  • A Variety of Precious Metal Stamping Blanks
    Lisa’s website is the place to shop if you are looking for copper, sterling silver, gold filled and many other types of metal stamping blanks. She has been an industry leader in innovative shapes and findings and it is well deserved.
  • Pewter Metal Stamping Blanks
    Nunn Design offers a large collection of metals stamping blanks that are cast in lead-free pewter and then plated with precious metals. You can shop wholesale our collection here: or shop one of our retailers!

Follow Lisa at!

Thank you Lisa for your time and information!

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