A Murder of Crows Halloween Costume – A Family Collaboration


Halloween is a very big celebration in our small Nunn Design hometown of Port Townsend, Washington. For this year’s Halloween Parade and trick or treating, the Nunn Family was a Murder of Crows for our Halloween Costume.

A Family Collaboration

The process of building out the costumes started in September. My 9-year-old daughter, Isabella, is very production oriented (ahhh…where did she get that!). She drives my husband crazy with thinking about things so far in advance, but it is great to have her on the Nunn Family Team. Things get done! She really was the one who got this whole thing moving forward.

A Sketch

I sketched out an idea and presented it to the family about how I thought we could make this work with a minimal amount of work. If we used capes or blankets with feathers, we could create a wing like feel and look. I got the nod of approval and we had landed on an agreed costume.


Thrift Store Shopping

Isabella and I headed to the Goodwill where we found the little hats and feather boas. I already had two capes to work with and plenty of black leggings (see? It pays to wear all black!), so we only needed to find one additional cape. We found that in the blanket section of the Goodwill.


Next came some basic stitching work, which was done mostly by Isabella. She sewed all the feathers onto the leggings.


Isabella also sewed the feathers onto all of the capes. I did Brett’s coat because he didn’t want his jacket to be damaged.


The Masks

Brett was in charge of the masks. After a bunch of research, he finally decided just to make the masks himself out of leather. It was some brilliant engineering on his part to get the beak to stick out like that. What do you think? Should we have Brett put together a tutorial and pattern for the mask?


It was a great time! I’m so grateful that my 13-year-old Emillia wasn’t too cool to be out and about with her family. A fun time was had by all.

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One thought on “A Murder of Crows Halloween Costume – A Family Collaboration

  1. Pauli L says:

    OMH!! What a wonderful idea ! And the follow thru is awesome…yes on the masks… Please please please..
    What an awesome group.!

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