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I am still plugging away at Etsy and I have been learning a lot in the process. Why do I have an Etsy account? One reason was to give me motivation to create more jewelry (besides magazine work, tutorials and samples for tradeshows and the gallery). You can see the 35 items I’ve sold so far.

I’ve previously shared what I’ve learned so far in this process, which you can check out here:

Here are the latest additions that have been posted. I am super-curious to see what will sell this time!

il_570xN.1062409355_tkn5   il_570xN.1055507175_6mzn il_570xN.1026835826_70wy il_570xN.1073391025_7axril_570xN.1073443863_co6p il_570xN.1027444804_r6ugil_570xN.1073448233_rareil_570xN.871314095_q784il_570xN.1008968710_c4jm il_570xN.1015994886_r54h-1

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