Artisan Spotlight: Carmi Cimicata

If you aren’t following Carmi on her Resin Crafts Blog, then you are missing out.  Carmi’s blog is chock full of great ideas and step-by-step photos of how to achieve great success with resin and epoxy clay.  I highly recommend following Carmi and learning all you can from her.  Her projects are great!  Her designs are beautiful and her troubleshooting is worth the read!

Carmi just completed an online resin video with CraftArtEdu.  With 10 years of resin work under her belt, it is an ideal class for both the beginner and those who have previously worked with resin.  Any tip that will save time, prevent potential errors and make the experience of working with resin a joy is worth $15.00!

A big thanks to Carmi.  She has been a very big supporter of Nunn Design and we so enjoy and appreciate working with her to inspire and nurture creativity.

Carmi’s Blog:  Resin Crafts Blog
Carmi’s CraftArtEdu video:  How to Use Resin in Bezels


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