Now That You Know How To Metal Stamp, Create This ‘Let Go’ Leather Wrap Bracelet.


Yesterday we posted a great tutorial from Karen, blogger and owner of the store Urban Arts + Crafts in Kansas City. On Karen’s blog, “I Always Pick The Thimble,” she walks you through how to create this great leather wrap bracelet and what inspired her to make it.

This bracelet came about because one day I was in need of some inspirational pick-me-ups. I was poking around online and stumbled across these two words.

Let go.

Bingo. Yep, that’s exactly what I need to do. And that’s also what is very difficult for me.” – Karen

Here are some highlights from Karen’s tutorial. To read the tutorial in it’s entirety please visit her blog post: Let Go Leather Wrap Stamped Metal Bracelet. Thank you Karen for all of your inspiration, insights and education.

Gather Materials

Photos like this can be overwhelming to people, like a recipe that you don’t have the ingredients for. But don’t panic, these are staples that you will want to have for many other projects too.

Stamp it

With Karen’s great tutorial from yesterday, you will learn how to create pieces like this. Know that it does take practice. I’m happy if I can get my initial on there or an “xoxo!”

Assemble it

In the tutorial from yesterday, Karen talked about letting go of things not looking machine perfect. Wire wrapping that is free formed and “messy” is in! It gives the bracelet a personal handmade touch. So if you haven’t wire wrapped leather, it is totally in vogue to look like you haven’t wire wrapped leather!

Rock it!

Yep! This is a hip looking bracelet.

Read Karen’s full tutorial here.
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On a side note, when Karen was at CHA last week, I showed her my version of a bracelet I had created. We oohh’d and ahhh’d over each other’s creations. Same tag, same technique, totally different look.


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10 thoughts on “Now That You Know How To Metal Stamp, Create This ‘Let Go’ Leather Wrap Bracelet.

  1. Laura says:

    Just found your blog from Paper Crafter’s Library! I am in LOVE with your products and can’t wait to share with my sister-crafters!

  2. karen roark says:

    Thank you for sharing this with your readers. I love working with your products and can’t wait for the new products to arrive. Thanks again for all of your beautiful items and inspiration!
    Karen, from I always pick the thimble.

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