Want To Learn How To Metal Stamp? This Post Is For You!


I Always Pick The Thimble created a tutorial that we just couldn’t have done better. Karen, blogger and owner of the store Urban Arts + Crafts in Kansas City, walks you through the many lessons she has learned about metal stamping. This post is one in a series of tutorials that Karen is letting us share with you. So get prepared to be inspired AND to learn some good tips on how to metal stamp on metals.

Here are some highlights from Karen’s tutorial. To read the full post in it’s entirety please visit her Metal Stamping Tips & Tricks Tutorial and read more. It is a great tutorial and fully worth your time.

Use A Pencil to Draw Guidelines & Tape it Down

Ahhh, yah, tape.  Good idea.  Can’t tell you how many times I wished I did that!

Before Stamping, Lay Out Your Stamps

Ummm hmmm.  Another good idea Becky!  This would of prevented a lot of typos!

Space Your Guidelines Like a Typewriter

Okay, this is a cool cheat sheet! It takes time to do stuff like this! Thank you Karen for making it easy for us!

Don’t – Too CLose, Too Hard, Two Times

Did someone sneak a peak at my studio? Karen are you spying on me? I have samples like this!

Practice, practice, practice!

Karen reminds us to have fun and to let go of trying to get it “machine perfect”. Having that handmade touch adds character. Now isn’t that a good marketing quote?

You can Read the full tutorial here.
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13 thoughts on “Want To Learn How To Metal Stamp? This Post Is For You!

  1. Jackie Sheahan says:

    I just got married recently, just had my 73rd birthday, and just found a new craft I am excited about (I have many.) What more could a women ask for. Life is good.

  2. Antoinette Simmons says:

    I tried stamping on some metal washers I have and use to make necklaces. I’m new to this, but it seems as though the stamping letters I have won’t work on that (Impressed stamping letters). Do they not work on all kinds of metal? The washers say they are made ftom Zinc.

    • beckynunn says:

      The force in which you strike the metals will vary depending on the type of metal you are stamping. The Nunn Design Flat Tag Collection is cast in lead-free pewter and is plated. You only need to strike the metal gently in order to get a good impression. I would recommend practicing on your washers until you get a good idea of just how much force you need to apply to get the impression that you are after.

    • beckynunn says:

      I’m not sure what the name of the fonts are, but it looks like this designer used stamps purchased from My Impress Art. I would also recommend taking a look at the many metal stamping fonts available at Beaducation.com. Their prices tend to be higher in price, but that is because of the quality of the stamping tools.

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