Nunn Design 2021 Winter Lookbook

Nunn Design 2021 Winter Lookbook

Nunn Design’s 2021 Winter Lookbook features Marianne of Gracefully Wrapped, June of Moth & Twig, Barb of Sand Bay Jewelry, Jane of Sistas With Bad Habits and Lisa of Lisa Rogers Studio.

These makers have created successful brands using Nunn Design Findings. They have put in the time, done the work and show up day after day to create beauty. They also thrive at running small businesses, shipping orders and doing the not so fun and glamorous parts of running creative businesses.

I love sharing the stories of these makers. Each of us has our own unique story, our own unique journey about how we have come to be where we are. I call these stories our “rites of passage” into choosing to live creative lives.

I hope you are inspired and enjoy learning more about the makers behind the Nunn Design 2021Winter Lookbook.

Marianne of Gracefully Wrapped

Marianne Garey of Gracefully Wrapped launched her faith-based jewelry collection in 2017 with a line of mustard seed necklaces. Her resin jewelry collection resonated with customers across the country and was soon to make this mother of three VERY busy!

Marianne specializes in embedding pressed flowers and organics into resin to create one-of-a-kind wearable pieces of art. She creates custom pieces of jewelry from flowers that represent meaningful moments in her customer’s lives; weddings, funerals and special occasions.

See more of Marianne’s work!

Gracefully Wrapped

June of Moth & Twig

June Martin has called a lot of places home over the years, but the Pacific Northwest is where she has settled since 2015. With degrees in psychology and biological anthropology, June has explored careers in the fashion industry and motherhood, but the two main focuses throughout her life have been nature and the arts.

In 2002, after a month-long trip to Barcelona Spain, June really developed her blossoming love for mosaic arts. Upon her return to the states, June enrolled in the Institute of Mosaic Art in the bay area where she studied for several years.

I was able to catch up with June during her busy show season to ask her some questions about her creative process and business.

Read June’s full interview!

Moth & Twig

Barb of Sand Bay Jewelry

“Looking back now, the early challenges seem less difficult and more humorous! I cannot believe how much my knowledge has grown. I still have several wonky early pieces that look quite rudimentary to me now. I keep them to remind myself that there is never a perfect piece or a perfect time to take the leap. And without sharing my early work and being open to feedback, I never would be where I am today.

What I find so rewarding is the unexpected beauty in every piece and the reaction of the person for whom it was created. How blessed am I to have total strangers invite me into the process of giving a one-of-a-kind gift to someone so dear to them? Every time, I just can’t believe that I get to do this kind of work.”

Read Barb’s full interview!

Sand Bay Jewelry

Janet of Sistas With Bad Habits

“There is nothing more rewarding than creating a necklace, bracelet or key ring for a well deserving recipient. Like a mom, when her kiddos were helping me spell their names as I stamped away.

The look of pride and excitement on their faces as I presented to them the finished piece. I could only imagine their anticipation as that lucky mom opened her gift that Christmas.”

See more of Janet’s work!

Sistas With Bad Habits

Lisa Rogers Studio

Lisa ventured into the world of art at the tender age of three when she decided that the white walls needed her special touch of magenta crayon. She continued to explore art over the years, creating paintings and murals, theatrical set design and large scale stage backdrops.

Along the way, Lisa luckily discovered the art of jewelry making. The response was overwhelming and this unique skill was on its way. Her first venture, Lisa Rogers Wearable Art, was born.

In between paintings, I was able to ask Lisa a little bit about her creative life and jewelry business.

Read Lisa’s full interview!

Lisa Rogers Studio

Thank you Marianne, June, Barb, Janet and Lisa for sharing your work and creative journeys with us! We appreciate your support in furthering Nunn Design’s mission; Through collaborative relationships, Nunn Design inspires and nurtures creativity.

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