Create Resin Filled Open Back Bezel Rings Tutorial

Here is a tutorial showing how to adhere tape to the backside of the bezels and create resin filled pieces of wearable art.

Open Back Bezel Rings are formed out of solid brass and plated with 24k gold or .999 fine silver.

Open Back Bezel Rings with Resin Tutorial

Supplies Needed:
Open Back Ring Bezels
1 Resin Kit by Nunn Design
Resin Stir Stick Narrow
Resin Stir Stick Wide
Glitter Roxs

Tools Needed:
2 Pairs of Flat Nose Pliers

Other Supplies Needed:
Packing tape
Small Cellobag

Step 1:
Cut a small strip of packing tape and place it on the backside of the ring. Use one of the Resin Stir Stick Narrow to burnish down the tape attaching it fully to the backside of the rings bezel. If the tape isn’t burnished down fully, it will be easy for the resin to seep out the sides (see Step 14 on how to handle resin seepage). Tip: Check to see that your packing tape is clear and there is no residue or mottling in the adhesive. If there is, it will show up in your finished resin piece when you remove the tape once the resin is cured. Try to use an area of the tape that does not have blotches or marks.

Step 2: 
Trim away any excess packing tape from the ring bezel to avoid the curing resin piece from being potentially disturbed. Tip: I like to place each ring on its own individual piece of packing tape. It makes the pouring easier to manage and eliminates the chance of disturbing the bezel next to it.

Step 3:
Create a level place for the rings to cure once the Nunn Design Resin is poured into the bezels. I covered two wooden blocks with packing tape and inserted the rings into the seam. You could do this with other found objects as well. Adding the tape to the surface of the blocks makes it easier to clean up any spilled resin.

Step 4:
To ensure that the bezel is level, cut a Resin Stir Stick Narrow into a couple pieces and slide them under the bezel.

Step 5:
Read the resin instructions for safety concerns regarding the Nunn Design Resin.
When I work with resin, I always:

  • Place a large plastic bag over my work surface and tape it down.
  • I make sure I have ventilation in my workroom.
  • I wear gloves.
  • I wear glasses (readers because I can’t see anymore. Plus it protects my eyes!).
  • I have a pile of wet wipes handy.
  • This is a great blog post that covers 20 Habits for Successfully Using Nunn Design 2-Part Epoxy Resin. Even if you are a seasoned resin mixer, this might be worth a read.

Step 6:
Place one cup (included in the Nunn Design Resin Kit) onto your table. For curing purposes, it is very important that the resin be an exact 1 to 1 ratio of Part A and Part B. I suggest getting your eyes level with the resin so you can see the lines on the measuring cup. Pour Part A of your resin kit up to the ½ fluid ounce mark on your measuring cup. Pour Part B of your resin kit into the same cup until it is filled to the 1 fluid ounce mark. It is important to pour Part A first and then Part B. It is some chemical thing about the part A being heavier or something.

Step 7:

Set your timer for 2 minutes. Using the stir stick from your kit (a popsicle stick or coffee stir stick will work great too), slowly and carefully stir your resin scraping the sides as you stir. Stir for a minimum of 2 minutes. If your resin is still cloudy continue to mix until clear. After mixing is complete and your resin is clear, scrape both sides of your stir stick on the edge of your resin filled cup.  Set mixed resin under a warm lamp for 5 minutes. This helps dissipate bubbles.

Step 8:
Slowly drizzle a small amount of mixed resin into the ring bezel until the tape base is completely covered. Gently run a toothpick along the base of the bezel to make sure there aren’t any air bubbles lurking. If there is any air trapped, agitating it with a toothpick will cause the bubbles to rise to the surface. If bubbles do surface, breathe on the resin gently. The hot air from your breath will cause the air to expand and pop.

Step 9: 
Before pouring the Glitter Roxs into the bezel, I like to pour my Glitter Roxs from the plastic container onto a small cello bag. This helps avoid pouring too many of the Glitter Roxs into the bezel. Gently tap the small cello bag with Glitter Roxs to fill the base of your bezel. Warning: The Glitter Roxs are tiny shards of glass, so make sure to wear safety glasses and avoid putting your fingers near your eyes.

Step 10:
Using a toothpick, stir your Glitter Roxs and resin until it feels like the flakes are slightly coated. If you have any resin on the bezel edges, use your wet wipe or a Q-Tip to remove it. Pour your excess Glitter Roxs back into the containers avoiding any waste.

Step 11:
Continue to drizzle mixed resin into the bezel until filled. If you want a flat resin surface, fill the resin just to the edge of the bezel. If you would like a high dome, continue to drizzle resin until you have your desired height. Set aside to cure (up to 72 hours).

Step 12:
To finish your Open Back Ring Bezel, remove the packing tape from the backside once fully cured. If you have any excess residue from the packing tape on the backside, use the tape to remove it like you would when you are removing lint or animal fur from your clothes. Keep touching the packing tape onto the sticky surface until it is no longer sticky.

Step 13: 
Still sticky, try Goo Be Gone! Follow the manufactures instructions for best results. I applied a couple drops on the backside and let it sit for over a minute. I then used a stir stick to scrape the tapes residue. It was fast and easy. Once clean, just use soap and water to clean the resin pendant.

Step 14:
If you do have resin that seeps out the sides, let the resin cure completely and then remove it with these simple steps.

Using a pair of needle nose pliers, bend back the cured hard resin from the bezel. By bending it, it will crack away from the bezel. Remove the tape and along with it will come the resin.

Use a pair of needle nose pliers to poke a hole into the resin inside the bezel. This might take a little effort, but once you do, you will be able to pop out the resin in one complete piece. Your bezel will be good to go for applying more resin and starting the process again.

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