The Nunn Design Motto; Smooth at Every Speed.

20 years ago, my husband and I moved two hours outside of Seattle, Washington to the seaport town of Port Townsend. We both felt a calling to slow down and live a creative lifestyle that was free of distractions, so we headed out to the Olympic Peninsula in search of a new home.

When we first arrived in Port Townsend, we were told that there was no way we would be able to find a home within the historical area. I refused to hear “no”, so I designed a flyer that had a picture of Brett and I on it. The headline read:
Port Townsend is our New Home.
Please Help Us Find A Place to Lay Our Heads

We printed up over 100 of the flyers and started at one end of the historical uptown district and left flyers on every single house within a 60 square block radius. By the time we returned home that evening, we had 6 phone calls!

One house in particular looked like a good fit, so we called the owner and made an appointment to stop by and see the house. The house was a bit messy but we could tell that the “bones” of the place were solid. The owners let us look around and as we opened and closed the doors, I came across a sticker from an old motor oil campaign pasted onto the inside of one of the closet doors. The sticker was shaped like a yield sign and said, “Smooth at Every Speed”. I knew this was the house for us.

Shortly after we moved into our little house, I started Nunn Design. I operated the company for the first 6 years out of back bedroom, with babies nursing as I took orders over the phone. Nunn Design was successful from the moment we started, and for that I am very grateful.

Although we no longer operate the company from our little home, the “Smooth at Every Speed” sign still is within the closet door. It has guided us to think through every possible situation that we could so that we could make Nunn Design be the very best company that we could.

The following link of Frequently Asked Questions is part of our pursuit to make things “Smooth at Every Speed.” We hope we can answer your questions before you even need to ask them.


Thank you for joining us on this great journey of business and creativity

– Becky

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